The Rules

The MVGC is currently closed. Please read announcement for details.

  1. Do something original! Tracings, if I can catch them, will be trashed. Sorry. Nothing gets me more riled up than folks who think they're being cute by quickly copying someone else's hard work. Tracings, manipulated photos collages or anything else lifted from another existing source are not welcome here. The key is creativity.
  2. I'll accept any version of the character. Anime style doesn't have to be the norm here. Neither does colour matter. I'll accept pencil sketches, duo shading, 3D or even sequencials or animation... any style you're comfortable with will do just fine. Have fun is all I ask.
  3. Send finished images as either jpg or gif files just a bit under 150k. Should you send them to me any higher they will be reduced.
  4. Please try to keep your image at a reasonable size, and no bigger than around 600 pixels wide. I reserve the right to adjust image pixel size if necessary. The reason for this is because some people have small screen resolutions and large pictures can't be viewed easily.
  5. Please submit the following before or on the 20th: One illustration (or the link to your illustration) Additional artwork from the same person will be rejected. So send what you (not me) think is your best art. A link to your web site (if you happen to manage one) Your e-mail address So it'll make my life a bit easier. Any personal comments on the work you provided. (Optional. I'm not going to edit them so mind your 'P's and 'Q's.) Tell us what you like or didn't like about your drawing. What did you use to draw it? Photoshop, chalk, ball point pen... Did it only take you 5 minutes to finish your work? Techniques. Inspirations. Fill us in. Artists are always eager to learn and want to relate with you. Write what you think may interest the viewer and categorize it under "My Comments", separate these comments from anything else you wish to tell just me.
  6. The ending hours of the 20th is the last chance you have to send in your work. No late submissions will be displayed without good reason.
  7. I will not accept images through snail mail. Sorry.
  8. Don't submit work which you think others will find overly distastefull. Nudity will be allowed and will be marked with a content warning on the character entry display page if nessasary.

I reserve the right to reject any image that I feel doesn't fit within MVGC's qualifications. It also means I will and gladly reject any submission that does not follow my directions. It's quite simple, follow those rules above and USE the submission form! I do not own the work you submit and no one is to use or manipulate any work posted here unless the original creator gives their written approval. We are in no way 'ripping off' video game companies by doing this. If at all we're providing free advertising for their titles. This is just a way to have fun, get into drawing practice or getting exposure. We're simply extending our enjoyment of video games on another level and for the sake of promoting the game itself. Ok? ^_^
- Robert DeJesus/Jang Choe/Ben Krefta. Send submissions to Ben:


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