Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q1. How long has MVGC been around?
  • A1. The current version you're looking at now has been up since December '00, but was previously owned by Jang Choe and before him Robert DeJesus, who created MVGC a few years prior to this.
  • Q2. Why are the submissions due on the 20th?
  • A2. I changed the deadline from the 15th to the 20th because other monthly sites are using the 15th as their due date and having a deadline at the end of the month simply isn't convenient.
  • Q3. Is there a winner and do people win prizes?
  • A3. Nope, it's just for fun. However there is an "artist of the month" As well as selected icon for showing great artistic and creative ability.
  • Q4. Is it best to send an e-mail attachment or a picture url?
  • A4. Either is fine, but I suppose I'd prefer a picture link so I can choose to download the image whenever is easiest for me.
  • Q5. My artwork isn't very good, am I still allowed to enter?
  • A5. Of course! You don't have to be a professional Capcom character designer to send in your work.. However, I reserve the right not to display 10 second sketches drawn on tatty old pieces of lined paper! Just prove you've put some effort into your work.
  • Q6. How are the characters for each month chosen?
  • A6. There are a few rules and criteria that determine which character is picked. Firstly I alternate between male and female. Secondly I will not use characters from the same game OR company 2 months in a row. Thirdly I try to pick characters that most people are familiar with, I wont chose a character from an obscure, unknown title. If I get a lot of suggestions for a particular character, there will be a strong chance that character will be used in the future.
  • Q7. Can I nominate a character to be featured?
  • A7. Sure! post a note on the message board, or let me know though email, snail mail, icq, text, phone, fax or smoke signal!
  • Q8. Hey, I sent you my picture, but it's not on display- Why not?!
  • A8. Very occasionally entries are overlooked, mis-linked or were never received due to server error. If that's the case, email me and I'll fix the problem within a day or two. Please be patient. I wanna see your entry up as much as you do! If you submission is late (without reason) it will not be put up on display.
  • Q9. What do those coloured icons next to the artwork titles mean?
  • A9. They're mini award badges given for producing skilful/ creative fanart etc. Read the Updates for a full explanation. A lot of the art submitted is fantastic, but might still not receive a badge. At the end of the day it's all down the personal taste and the co-judge's personal opinion, so don't be disappointed!
  • Q10. I've never played that game, does that mean I can't enter?
  • A10. As long as you can find resources and pictures to work from, there shouldn't be a reason why you can't give it a go. ^_^
  • Q11. I can't find any reference pictures, can you help?
  • A11. If you've exhausted all of Yahoo, Google etc. email me and I might be able to help you out- obviously I have to scout the web or other sources for images of the characters so they can be posted each month, so chances are I'll have at least one character pic.
  • Q12. I've drawn a picture of the featured character, which also shows other characters from the game, can I still submit it?
  • A12. You can submit any type of entry providing it doesn't break any of the rules and features the chosen or in some cases one of the chosen character(s). So if Cloud Strife and Red 13 (from FF7) were the two featured characters, you can submit for example a picture of Cloud, Tifa and Barrett if you wanted to - but Cloud (or Red 13) must be in the picture, or it defeats the object of the event!
  • Q13. Can I submit artwork for characters that have already been featured?
  • A13. No. Sorry, but this isn't a character image fanart archive. It'd also mean having to update past galleries, and I personally don't have the time to make constant updates.
  • Q14. It's gone the 21st but the site hasn't been updated- how come?
  • A14. From time to time the MVGC updates may be a day or two late. I try hard to make it run as smooth as clockwork but unfortunately I have other commitments which take higher priority so can't get round to updating when I'd like. Or I may be away from the computer for a few days, so although the submission gallery is all updated and ready to go, I can't upload it until I'm back at the computer! If it looks like this is going to be the case, check the message board for an update. Sorry for any inconvenience.



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