Ulala March 2002

homepageemailUlala feels the music by Radha

Comments: Worked real hard and long on this. The cg took me forever! But i think all the hard work paid off. Hope you like it!

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical abilityThe Swingin' Reporter by Pirotess

Comments: I'm kicking myself for missing out on Dante last week, so here's an Ulala pic! =D It took me about three days to finish this, tracing a pencil sketch in Illustrator and adding the finishing touches in Photoshop. I had other plans for the background, but... meh. I think I like how this turned out.

emailhomepage Bustin' A Groove by LimeGreen

Comments: Ulala is one my favorite videogame characters and when I found out she was this month's subject here at MVGC, it was the perfect excuse to draw her.
I inked her out, which took me about an hour, then slammed her into PaintShop Pro (still getting acquainted with Mr PhotoShop) and voila! I drew her doing some funky dance move, you know, doing the robot or something..! Hope y'all like!

emailhomepage Ulala by The Incredible Space Monkey

Comments: Here's my submission (oh by the way, it wasn't Lulu, it was Yuna that I was gonna submit, but didn't finish in time)

emailhomepage Ulala! ^_____^ by kyriss ono

Comments: burf...curse the colors. I like how this turned out, but I noticed after I was done that there are several technical errors. and as for where her gloves are, perhaps she felt a little too hungry today. hope everyone else likes it ^_^

">emailhomepage Regular participant "It appears to be a a drawing... Of Me!" - "Yeah, you go girl!" by Ben 'Bomu' Krefta

Comments: There are some characters I feel I just have to draw, so this time I made sure to get off my arse and start with a good few weeks to spare, as to not miss out like I always do with these drawing monthlies.
After finishing the colours I was happy with how it turned out ^_^ I hadn't CGed with the airbrush tool for ages and although I had problems to start with, I managed to pull it together after some practice. On the subject of time, it must have taken a lot! A day to draw and 3 days on the CG, not to mention several days worrying about the pose to draw, style to draw it in, the fact I redid the skin tone 3 times and PhotoShop crashed once! Last time I try working with 100MB files. I tried a few new techniques such as the shiny pvc clothes. I think it works, but regret not using reference.. I'll never learn. And I'm not sure if the fact her hair looking edible is a good thing or not! Overall, despite several regrettable flaws I like it, and hope you do too ^_^

emailhomepage Regular participant Pretty Space Reporter Ulala! by Allison L

Comments: ... I really had no idea how to go about doing a pic of Ulala, even though I've wanted to for some time. I doodled a rather shojou-esque pic of her on my oekaki bbs one night, so I took that idea and ran with it. I think you can see why I don't do shoujo very often, even if in a somewhat spoofy manner. :P The image in the background was an early experiment I wasn't completely happy with, but wasn't all too terrible. This was also a good way to purge all those "pastel urges" (the colors, not the medium) out of my system. ^_~ Turned out fairly cute.

emailhomepage That wasn't there in dance practice! by Mr Mecha

Comments: I did this a while ago, I hope people like it!
If you don't like it well then I'll just have to uhhhh... stop sending pictures in I guess, awwww, no offensive comments from me.
Medium: drawn with 4h pencil then cg'd in photoshop 6.0 with a mouse.

emailhomepage the Mia Wallace dance by Liz Powell

Comments: okay - a bit eleventh hour, but... frankly it's typical of me... =) this is a sketch I originally did in pencil, then coloured in Photoshop 6, then after lots of nagging from various peeps, cleaned it up in Photoshop as well... ahh, worship the eraser tool, for it is good...
She's doing the Mia Wallace dance from Pulp Fiction, in case it was impossible to tell...
anyhoo, enjoy! Pixie xxx

(ps - don't visit the website. it's under construction and pants.)

emailhomepage Regular participant Ulala by Dan 'Yorkie' York

Comments: Enjoy!

emailhomepage Regular participant Ulala & Friends Relaxing by J. Gibbons Nguyen

Comments: I did this on the very last day. I did it and here it is. Enjoy.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Regular participant Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! OoohLaLa!! Licensed to Thrill!!! by Force Vector (nom de mouse)

Comments: The perils of procrastinating. Nearly didn't make it to the submission date... and because I was rushed I was only able to correct major errors on the image.

Trolling around the 'net, I was able to get three of Ulala's costumes, unfortunately they were all 3D models from the game so there wasn't a lot of detail to work with. Thus the reason for the liberties I took with her costumes. I was really tempted to hunt around for the famous (or is it infamous) Charlie's Angels outline and have the three Ulalas in the same pose... but procrastination saved the day.

No change in what I use to make the image. Drawing the three Ulalas took two days (I couldn't get her to pose in a satisfiactory way, in the end I had to compromise) and coloring took around 15 hours (+ 2 hours for the two system crashes that Photoshop initiated)... straight! I think I'll sleep for two days now...

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Now Moroading... by Patara

Comments: My first submission here. I was really addicted to this game O_O. Couldn't stop the "Up down Up down Shoot Shoot Shoot" noises in my head *lol* I spent a while on this. It's fun drawing Space Channel 5 fanart cuz it's so bright and colorful! Line art and color done in Photoshop 6.0

emailhomepage ULALA! by Kuja Dark Messenger

Comments: Finally shes all done....i tell you though....pink and orange are the hardest to color with dodge and burn o_0

emailhomepage Ulala by Faline

Comments: pretty happy with this piece, althought the arms are too long and there isn't much detail, oh well... drawn w/ mechanical pencil, inked w/ Penstix .03, .05 and .07, then colored in Photoshop 5.0...ENJOY!

emailhomepage Ulala by Sara

Comments: I confess, at first I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of drawing Ulala, but I actually had a lot of fun doing this one! I especially like how the shading on her skin turned out... I love a nice midriff. ^_^


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