"It appears to be a a drawing... Of Me!" - "Yeah, you go girl!"

Comments: There are some characters I feel I just have to draw, so this time I made sure to get off my arse and start with a good few weeks to spare, as to not miss out like I always do with these drawing monthlies.
After finishing the colours I was happy with how it turned out ^_^ I hadn't CGed with the airbrush tool for ages and although I had problems to start with, I managed to pull it together after some practice. On the subject of time, it must have taken a lot! A day to draw and 3 days on the CG, not to mention several days worrying about the pose to draw, style to draw it in, the fact I redid the skin tone 3 times and PhotoShop crashed once! Last time I try working with 100MB files. I tried a few new techniques such as the shiny pvc clothes. I think it works, but regret not using reference.. I'll never learn. And I'm not sure if the fact her hair looking edible is a good thing or not! Overall, despite several regrettable flaws I like it, and hope you do too ^_^

- Ben

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