Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! OoohLaLa!! Licensed to Thrill!!!

Comments: The perils of procrastinating. Nearly didn't make it to the submission date... and because I was rushed I was only able to correct major errors on the image.

Trolling around the 'net, I was able to get three of Ulala's costumes, unfortunately they were all 3D models from the game so there wasn't a lot of detail to work with. Thus the reason for the liberties I took with her costumes. I was really tempted to hunt around for the famous (or is it infamous) Charlie's Angels outline and have the three Ulalas in the same pose... but procrastination saved the day.

No change in what I use to make the image. Drawing the three Ulalas took two days (I couldn't get her to pose in a satisfiactory way, in the end I had to compromise) and coloring took around 15 hours (+ 2 hours for the two system crashes that Photoshop initiated)... straight! I think I'll sleep for two days now...

- Force Vector

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