Comments: Here's on of my takes on Voldo. Not much action, I'm still learning how to draw..

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emailhomepage Greatest Nightmare by Sayem Rahman aka Angelo

Comments: OK, this is a rush job and certainly looks it too. My biggest mistake was not startin it early, but oh well, s*** happens, as it were. Started with pencil lineart (thought I could have a go at cleaning it up - never mind) and CGd in Photoshop. Techniques-wise, it was a kind-of-anime-stylee thing that I seem to manage, and I used (admittedly poorly) soft CGing. Inspired by one of Nightmare's taunts, I thought I'd display the pure power of his rage. Oh yeah, if I learnt any lessons from this, it would be as follows: never do rush jobs, they always turn out cack. Please enjoy (!) the piece. :-)

Soul Calibur December 2003

homepage Regular participant emailThe reason why Taki is so high pitched by Greg

Comments: hello everyone! cool!! I was so excited about doing a pic for this month I've done it already - only 4 days after last month's were put up! The only problem now, is that I'll probably want to do more pics and can only put one up 0_0; Soul Calibur is such a GOOD game in all respects, I just had to do a pic for this month!

I used Wacom Intus2 A4, drawing everything straight into Illustrator 8.0.1, coloured it then exported into Photoshop Elements (I'm too skint for Photoshop proper yet & was given P.E. free) to finish off little bits like the background blur, etc. All this took me about a day to finish. As for inspiration, I always thought Taki was a little unnaturally high pitched, and as of late she has been looking rather more, shall we say, well-developed than usual... ;]

Oh yeh, I think it would be cool to have pics to do with the Sled Storm games one month - babes, machines, cool guys & extreme action sound like pretty good inspirational material to me! What do people think?

emailhomepage Voldo by Rob Hansen


emailhomepage Regular participant Winter Wonderland by Y.M.Esposito

Comments: There were so many characters to choose from for this month...but for some reason I kept coming back to Talim gazing at the snow in wonderment (I don't think they get much of that back where she's from...). I also wanted to give it a Holiday theme given the time of year (this way, I could also use this piece as my annual Holiday e-card). Luckily, her default costume comes in holiday colors. I tried to remain as faithful to her original costume as i could, but dressed it up a bit in the process. Total time for this only took about 2 and a half hours, and it came out pretty good. My only complaints are that the snow looks more like clouds, and the colors are maybe a little too vivid, but I was using my BF's laptop to color it. Time was also limited- when you work in retail, this time of year can be hellish. A larger, sans Holiday theme version is available at my website, Hope everyone has a nice Holiday!

emailhomepage The best chick: Talim by Snotels

Comments: I drew this a week ago. I colored it in Paitshop Pro 5.It took me about 2 hours to color, but I took breaks. I actually don't really play with Talim except for when I wait to humiliate my friends with a 15 year old girl. I hope you like the pic. I personally don't like the background, but didn't want to draw one.

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Ivy by Radhames Mora

Comments: Ivy is one of the most intersting characters I have ever seen design wise. And I decide to focus on my favorite part of her design.

emailhomepage Yoshimutsu by Cory Wicks

Comments: I dunno I think its pretty okay, It's yoshimitsu so yeah bye now.

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Seung Mina by Kage no Oukami

Comments: I did this for a friend because Mina is his favorite. As much as I would've liked to use one of her other weapons, Scarlet Thunder is more recognizable.

emailhomepage Pink Warrior by Joan Gomez

Comments: This is Talim from Soul Calibur 2. She's one of my favorites. I drew her with a 3H pencil, then inked her with a Pentel medium point pen. And, colored her in Photoshop 6.0.

emailhomepage Regular participant Kilik in Snowfall by Matt D

Comments: This is a picture I did for a Soul Calibur Contest. The theme was something with the winter holidays. It doesn't totally reflect that except for the snow. Nothing else to say...

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content Untitled by Claudia Chou

Comments: This is actually an older piece. I think I did this around August or September of last year. It was submitted to PSM, but it was never published or heard from again.

The original piece is about 9 by 11. It was done in two stages. The first stage was the original pencil drawing. The second stage is colouring the piece on tracing paper with colour pencil. It was little difficult because tracing paper is rather flimsy & I push down rather hard on paper.

emailhomepage Siegfried's Knightmare by Karen

Comments: This is young Siegfried, before he got transformed into Nightmare after taking the cursed sword. First time drawing + coloring in a male character.. I left the lines with the original sketchy-ness.. hehe only because I don't have time to actually "digitally ink" them in neatly.

emailhomepage Regular participant Necrid by Erock

Comments: This month’s character was a hard choice, even though I wanted so much to draw spawn (Ben only knows) and the only way I would be able to is this month. but then I figured out probably everyone will draw spawn and so I of course had to do something different from the norm and I had to go with Necrid... now SC2 is a really popular game right... can you believe I’ve never even played it, well a little but still not enough to know what’s going on. I'm more like a Capcom or SNK fan. All I really know is that I looked through all the characters until I found one I liked and it was Necrid.

The picture: It was all done in Photoshop 7... took about 5-6 hours...done on 4x5 Wacom tablet...actually the first of mine to kind of look like it was CG but I really don’t know how to CG even with the tutorials, well everybody I hope this is not the last MVGC but if it is or if it isn't I wish everyone a merry Christmas. thanx. And go see Lord of the Rings. And have a happy New Year!!

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