Soul Calibur


Comments: This month’s character was a hard choice, even though I wanted so much to draw spawn (Ben only knows) and the only way I would be able to is this month. but then I figured out probably everyone will draw spawn and so I of course had to do something different from the norm and I had to go with Necrid... now SC2 is a really popular game right... can you believe I’ve never even played it, well a little but still not enough to know what’s going on. I'm more like a Capcom or SNK fan. All I really know is that I looked through all the characters until I found one I liked and it was Necrid.

The picture: It was all done in Photoshop 7... took about 5-6 hours...done on 4x5 Wacom tablet...actually the first of mine to kind of look like it was CG but I really don’t know how to CG even with the tutorials, well everybody I hope this is not the last MVGC but if it is or if it isn't I wish everyone a merry Christmas. thanx. And go see Lord of the Rings. And have a happy New Year!!

- Erock


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