Soul Calibur

The reason why Taki is so high pitched

Comments: hello everyone! cool!! I was so excited about doing a pic for this month I've done it already - only 4 days after last month's were put up! The only problem now, is that I'll probably want to do more pics and can only put one up 0_0; Soul Calibur is such a GOOD game in all respects, I just had to do a pic for this month!

I used Wacom Intus2 A4, drawing everything straight into Illustrator 8.0.1, coloured it then exported into Photoshop Elements (I'm too skint for Photoshop proper yet & was given P.E. free) to finish off little bits like the background blur, etc. All this took me about a day to finish. As for inspiration, I always thought Taki was a little unnaturally high pitched, and as of late she has been looking rather more, shall we say, well-developed than usual... ;]

Oh yeh, I think it would be cool to have pics to do with the Sled Storm games one month - babes, machines, cool guys & extreme action sound like pretty good inspirational material to me! What do people think?

- Greg


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