Samus Aran April 2003

homepage For showing great skill, technical ability Regular participant emailSamus by Royce

Comments: ...

emailhomepage Cosmic hunter by Zack Kotzer *zee kay*

Comments: re-designing video game characters is a little hobby of mine so when I saw that MVCG was showcasing samus I jumped to the oppurtunaty of showing my skills. I used just pencil to draw this (Im no good with photoshop)

emailhomepage Chibi Samus by Dina

Comments: Woot! First time actually submitting to MVGC! Well, I drew this pic on a piece of printer paper with a... Eh.. Pencil. Number two, I assume.. (Yeah, it's one that says "Nevada - Arizona - USA" on it..)Then inked with mah Sanford Liquid Expresso; extra fine line, and coloured it up in Photoshop 6 point oh! This took me about an hour.. But, I'm still learning P.S., so if I find another character that I can draw out, it'll probably be better. For me being such a newbie with it, I think it's pretty good. If ya wanna boost my ego and self-esteem a bit.. ^.^; Feel free to e-mail me.

emailhomepage - Samus Aran - by Richard Montgomery

Comments: This would be my first time posting any drawing I have ever done. It is a hideous scan, but I can't do any better, not to mention, I hacked up the image to make it fit the specifications. I don't know if I could have done a better hacking job, but it is what it is. My choice of medium was a mechanical pencil. I would have liked to have done it in color, but I can't color worth beans. Maybe bean skin, but nobody likes bean skin because it always gets stuck in your teeth. Anyways...I hope you enjoy my drawing. Til next month, maybe...

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content Regular participant Samus:What a Babe!! by Liquidd

Comments: Hey Everyone!I've been away from MVGC for awhile due to a little thing called uh...uh..shoot it's right on the tip on my tongue..hmmm...OH YEAH..EARNING A LIVING!LOL!Yeah,I've been too busy to submit anything,but I had some free time and couldn't pass up doing a render of Samus Aran.I've never played Metroid nor have I ever seen pics of Samus before I read about her here.I found a couple of reference pics,but none with her out of the suit,so I had to imagine what she looked like..other than that I'm somewhat pleased with how it turned out.Does anyone know where I can find a head(or full body)shot of her out of the suit...does such a pic exist?

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content Regular participant Love At First Sight... by Y.M.Esposito

Comments: I really waited 'til last minute for this one...and my tablet and pen broke again, so its back to B&W for me. Anyhow, I used a regular pencil and a sharpie for this pic. Metroids are kinda cute...;p comments welcome.

emailhomepage VERY regular participant Some Assembly Required by jesterspawn

Comments: Like always, I waited until right before the deadline to start my submission, and once again it came back to bite me. So with my sincerest apologies, I present to you... an unfinished picture! :)I guess the significance of my title is two-fold: a) It pertains to the fact that my picture is still incomplete and needing to be "assembled," and...b) It also pertains to my subject matter. See, I keep finding two basic kinds of Samus pictures online... Either she has all of her armor on (give or take a helmet) or she's got all of her armor off (which just leaves her looking like any other girl in her skivvies.) So I kinda wanted to do something new and show BOTH by having her in the process of putting on her suit to go out on a mission.Anyhoo, if anyone is interested I should have a completed version of this picture on my site as soon as I find some free time.

emailhomepage Regular participant "Deliverance" by Jim Tregler

Comments: Hey~ I had fun with this one, Sorry I submitted a day late, but Easter came and went so fast! I didn't have time to hop on and send this one yesterday, what with family over and whatnot, sorry~ but yeah... anyhoot.. this was originally penciled with a regular #2 lead pencil, then scanned and colored, etc. In photoshop 6.0. The quotes are direct from the Chozo Lore in Metroid Prime, (I wanted to make it sound just right) and the original concept came out as planned. Peace~


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