Samus:What a Babe!!

Comments: Hey Everyone!I've been away from MVGC for awhile due to a little thing called uh...uh..shoot it's right on the tip on my tongue..hmmm...OH YEAH..EARNING A LIVING!LOL!Yeah,I've been too busy to submit anything,but I had some free time and couldn't pass up doing a render of Samus Aran.I've never played Metroid nor have I ever seen pics of Samus before I read about her here.I found a couple of reference pics,but none with her out of the suit,so I had to imagine what she looked like..other than that I'm somewhat pleased with how it turned out.Does anyone know where I can find a head(or full body)shot of her out of the suit...does such a pic exist?

- Liquidd


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