Some Assembly Required

Comments: Like always, I waited until right before the deadline to start my submission, and once again it came back to bite me. So with my sincerest apologies, I present to you... an unfinished picture! :)I guess the significance of my title is two-fold: a) It pertains to the fact that my picture is still incomplete and needing to be "assembled," and...b) It also pertains to my subject matter. See, I keep finding two basic kinds of Samus pictures online... Either she has all of her armor on (give or take a helmet) or she's got all of her armor off (which just leaves her looking like any other girl in her skivvies.) So I kinda wanted to do something new and show BOTH by having her in the process of putting on her suit to go out on a mission.Anyhoo, if anyone is interested I should have a completed version of this picture on my site as soon as I find some free time.

- jesterspawn


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