April 2003

samusThis month features Samus Aran from the long runing Metroid series.

Information: Samus Aran is the legendary bouny hunter who is well-known for defeating the Space Pirates and wiping out the dangerous Metroids. At first believed to be an android, Samus revealed her true identity after she defeated the Space Pirates on Zebes. Her reputation grew as her reliability almost always guaranteed success in her hired jobs. Equipped with a heavy armored suit and arm cannon, she is a force to be reckoned with.
After the Space Pirates stole the Metroid larva Samus found on SR388, she personally decided to go after the Zebesians to finish them off once and for all and save whatever remained of the larva.

Another Interesting selection of submissions- I expected more for such a long time running character, but still, everyone who entered did themselves proud!

Artist of the month: Royce!

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