Lunar Girls July 2002

homepageemailLunar by Cat

Comments: Well, the inspiration just flew on this one. Usually I have to draw a face, then decide where to go from there, but after I had Lucia's face, the rest just came very easily. Although my origional idea was to have her at the edge of the Dragonship Destiny, I decided to make it a little calmer and have her by a brick wall overlooking a sea. I did a pencil sketch, then I inked the drawing and used coloured pencils. After I scanned it, I used Adobe to clean up the picture a little so the pencil lines weren't so noticable. I also cut off the bottom of the picture, as I thought having her feet in the picture seemed somewhat pointless. I haven't submitted any fanart in a super long time, so PLEASE send me your thoughts and comments!

emailhomepage Regular participant Luna by Glarryg

Comments: This piece didn't take me too long; a few hours, perhaps. I wanted to go for a "sketchbook" kind of appearance, so I left most of the guidelines in after inking it. It was scanned and left as-is; no touch-ups were made.

emailhomepage Jessica by Jaana

Comments: ... (Janna-> Could you let me know your details, since they've been mislaid. Thanks - Ben)

emailhomepage Interlaced Affair by Martine Angele

Comments: This is just a picture of Ghaleon and Mia, having some kinky fun ^_^ I spent about 4 hours coloring this picture with photoshop. I think Mia is a tad dark, oopsies!

emailhomepage Luna by Nic Van Horn

Comments: I've never drawn Luna before, so this was a nice challenge. I started out by trying to draw directly from a pic I found, but I can't copy other pictures for crap(fortunately) and I about gave up. Five minutes before I went to sleep, however; I drew this...Then when I woke up I colored it. I think it turned out pretty damn good and i hope ya like it. ;)

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content For showing great skill, technical abilityMia's Bedhead by Renn Inoue

Comments: Nash's worst nightmare comes true. Mia has bedhead! Nash will think twice before trying to wake up Mia again! Fortunately, he has his trusty comb handy.

email homepage For showing great skill, technical ability Mia Ausa by Lynnwood

Comments: This picture was sketched, inked, scanned and then illustrated in Photoshop 6 with the aid of a laser mouse (I hadn't gotten my tablet yet) and took me . . . in and around three hours total to complete. It's not incredible, but it's decent and I felt it necessary to contribute to this month's game character(cause Lunar rocks). What IS it you ask? Well . . . allow me to explain. After playing the game I got the urge to draw all of the characters in what I thought they'd look like when they were oh, say . . . 25. This is Mia Ausa's pic. See? Wasn't so hard after all . . . .

email homepage For showing great skill, technical ability Jean-chan! by Will Watkins

Comments: Hi.
This is my first submission, and I TRULY must apologize to any of you who are actual Lunar fans as I have never played the game and I'm not sure I was true to Jean's character... I had to find some pics online and work from that. Anyway, outside of that, Im really REALLY happy with how this turned out. The original is just pencil, scanned into Photoshop and CG'd (obviously! ;) ) I liked working on the text effect and background, also the airbrushing is a bit more sensitive than some of my earlier efforts as its my first piece done with my new art tablet (YAY!!). Ahem... .. I really hope y'all like it and I'm looking forward to contributing in the future!

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Althena's Bromide - Breezy Beach by Force Vector (nom de mouse)

Comments: I had originally planned on drawing all the girls in a hot spring, but Real Life(tm) had other plans. By the time I was left to my own devices, there wasn't enough time. So I decided to make a bromide instead, since I noticed that Althena never got one (odd, if you think about it, since everyone else has one or two or three...). I only had two teensy-weensy images as reference so her costume is not as accurate as I wish (I intentionally removed her gauntlets though). Since it's been years since someone played the game in our household, I'm not too sure if Luna was turned into Althena (oops!... spoiler), although I'm more or less sure that was the case.

Penciling (mech pencil w/ HB lead) and Inking (.5 tech pen) took 6 hours, cleaning up the scanned image and adding block colors (in Photoshop) took another 6. Shading it to closely resemble a Lunar Bromide took 6 hours - hmmm... three sixes...

emailhomepage Lucia's New Look by Lucia-Chan

Comments: Heh wow I'm glad I found this in time...right on the final day lol

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical abilitySuper Secret Bromide by Ronnie Fernandez

Comments: Well, since I'm currently playing Lunar 2, I just couldn't miss this month's submissions even though I've never drawn fanart for the game. What prompted me to create this came out of the frustration of learning that I had missed many of the bromides and can't go back to get them. I mean I'm half way through disk 2 and I've only found four of them for crying out loud! So to make up for it, I decided to create my very own! Yes, it may be a bit more revealing then some of ones found in both games (I have seen low res versions of the Lunar 2 bromides on the net) but hopefully nothing you people should find offensive.

Overall, this was a pretty fun pic to do. I didn't bother fixing every single mistake and It isn't as detailed or proportionally correct as the animation cels I'm working on, but I'm satisfied on how it turned out. The entire image took me a few hours, much of which went into creating the background.

emailhomepage Lunar Dreams by Ryouko

Comments: The fanart features Lucia and Ghaleon from Lunar 2: Eternal Blue. I know the theme is the girls of Lunar, but I hope it\'s okay that Ghaleon is in there with her. ^_^;;

emailhomepage Regular participant Friends by Stareyes

Comments: Tried a new technique for CGing -- liked how it turned out (but a tablet would make it easier ^_^). The handwriting is mine -- scanned in. I'm not really sure what I was thinking -- I just saw one of those French bulletin boards in the local department store's frame shop and drew this.

emailhomepage Regular participant Luna by Karen Luk

Comments: I wanted to show the duality of the character Luna. I used watercolor and color pencil.

emailhomepage Regular participant Lazy River by Darine

Comments: Watercolor and gouache on, um, watercolor paper. The Lunar character designs are quite nifty--I especially like the patterns on Luna's costume. The landscape may not be stellar, but, hey, it was fun to paint.

">emailhomepage Regular participant Mia by Bomu

Comments: Ok, so didn't reach the deadline to submit this coloured version, but I was very busy and allowed myself to put it up now it's done ^_^ Enjoy!
I didn't put much thought into this piece and it was all rushed, but I actually like how it turned out- bright, colourful and very cute :) Lunar SSS was a fun RPG to play and although the characters were very typical, they all worked great and the story had enough plot twists to keep me interested, so I look forward to one day getting my hands on Lunar 2 and 3. See ya!


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