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lunarThis month's characters are the girls from Lunar RPG series. This includes all Lunar games and all female characters who appeared in those games - goodies or baddies! Your task is to draw at least one of these characters ^_^

History (Lunar SSS): The story revolves around a boy named Alex and the friends he meets on his journey. They were all hoping to go on a quest one day. That dream came true when Ramus found out about a quest one day. They're suppose to find some sort of diamond in a cave to the east. Of course Alex and all were escatic and enthusiastic about the idea because this is one of their first real adventures. Ramus went to get some snacks to munch on for the trip whereas Alex went to practice with Luna as they regularly do, usually just for fun, or sometimes for the town's festival.
As usual Alex was late for practice. They began to practice with Luna singing and Alex playing his ocarina. Half way through the song Alex quits playing with a worried face. Luna looks at him and asks what's wrong. He
ells her about the upcoming adventure to the cave and how they have to find about the diamond. At first Luna was worried as she didn't know what risks were involved, but knows that she cannot stop him, so she insists on coming along to see what will come out of the adventure.. and so the quest begins.
The above info comes from the SSS game including characters such as Luna, Mia, Jessica, Royce, Phacia and Xenobia. However, characters from Luna 2 etc. are welcome!

Great entries this month, all with something defferent to offer. Artist of the month: Renn!

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