Super Secret Bromide

Comments: Well, since I'm currently playing Lunar 2, I just couldn't miss this month's submissions even though I've never drawn fanart for the game. What prompted me to create this came out of the frustration of learning that I had missed many of the bromides and can't go back to get them. I mean I'm half way through disk 2 and I've only found four of them for crying out loud! So to make up for it, I decided to create my very own! Yes, it may be a bit more revealing then some of ones found in both games (I have seen low res versions of the Lunar 2 bromides on the net) but hopefully nothing you people should find offensive.

Overall, this was a pretty fun pic to do. I didn't bother fixing every single mistake and It isn't as detailed or proportionally correct as the animation cels I'm working on, but I'm satisfied on how it turned out. The entire image took me a few hours, much of which went into creating the background.

- Ronnie


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