Althena's Bromide - Breezy Beach

Comments: I had originally planned on drawing all the girls in a hot spring, but Real Life(tm) had other plans. By the time I was left to my own devices, there wasn't enough time. So I decided to make a bromide instead, since I noticed that Althena never got one (odd, if you think about it, since everyone else has one or two or three...). I only had two teensy-weensy images as reference so her costume is not as accurate as I wish (I intentionally removed her gauntlets though). Since it's been years since someone played the game in our household, I'm not too sure if Luna was turned into Althena (oops!... spoiler), although I'm more or less sure that was the case.

Penciling (mech pencil w/ HB lead) and Inking (.5 tech pen) took 6 hours, cleaning up the scanned image and adding block colors (in Photoshop) took another 6. Shading it to closely resemble a Lunar Bromide took 6 hours - hmmm... three sixes...

- Force Vector


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