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Title: Pin-up babe
Image Size:
Date: 11:07:2005
620 x 911 pixels
Materials: Pencil , Photoshop 7

I had been working on this one for absolutly ages. I originally intended to make this a comic-book type style but it ended up becoming a realism piece. Although I'm sure there's a few bits that could be improved, it turned out how I wanted

Referenced from: Link. - the likeness isn't quite there, but that was kinda intentional.


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MangaRocks writes:

email Date Posted: 10:05:2010 Time Posted: 07:46PM

That pic is really cool it looks really good I've been drawing manga for 5 years now and most of the advice has come from your books and your site!

Debbie writes:

email Date Posted: 14:04:2008 Time Posted: 01:52AM

This is by far your best work. Way To Go! Good Job!

Phenix Ryte writes:

Date Posted: 01:12:2007 Time Posted: 11:58PM

Hmm... interesting.

scott jones-mcmahon writes:

email web site Date Posted: 18:02:2007 Time Posted: 06:53PM

Great work. Do you use a lot of smudging to blend tectures and tones, and if so, is it a custom designed smudge brush?

gloria writes:

Date Posted: 03:02:2007 Time Posted: 05:27PM

it looks great but there is too much shadow where the hair meets the face so it looks like the hair is a wig.

punkrocker writes:

Date Posted: 30:10:2006 Time Posted: 10:28PM

This was a VERY realistic piece of work! It's awesome! ROck on!

LULU writes:

email Date Posted: 20:09:2006 Time Posted: 02:35AM

Wow. I feel like a majorly suckish manga art lover now.

manga chick writes:

email Date Posted: 14:07:2006 Time Posted: 09:19PM

she also hot...(like any other girl you draw...:s)

AnimalLover101 writes:

Date Posted: 07:07:2006 Time Posted: 08:38PM

The boobs again look like she's had a boob job.

sam writes:

email Date Posted: 01:07:2006 Time Posted: 12:21AM

thats awsome

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