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Title: Xmas Nikki 2004
Image Size:
Date: 17:12:2004
685 x 708 pixels
Materials: Pencil & Photoshop 7

Like most years I try to complete an illustration to send to people in time for Christmas. A Xmas E-Card. Had a few ideas to create a full scene featuring a few characters in action and background, but in the end, went for something simpler. I thought Id rather do something simple and make it good than try to do too much and end up missing the deadline.
2002s Nikki pic was a little funky in the face style-wise. So I checked out my earlier designs while drawing this latest version and developed her from those. I tried to make her unusually long hair into a feature by adding decorations in the form of a Xmas tree. I hope this is an original idea. The image could have done with a few tweaks, but otherwise I like how it turned out.


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black shadow writes:

Date Posted: 10:12:2008 Time Posted: 03:47PM

some parts are better the x mas nikki 2002 the tinsel is the best on this one not as good of a back ground

Kamil from poland writes:

email web site Date Posted: 03:05:2008 Time Posted: 02:37PM

super super super super super

Phenix Ryte writes:

Date Posted: 02:12:2007 Time Posted: 12:01AM

Cameron, shut up and watch the show... I like the position, but thats the most you'll get out of me.

Cameron writes:

Date Posted: 12:08:2007 Time Posted: 06:17AM

ive seen alot of your girl anime, but what confuses me is, there so sexy buy they just dont have that attitude, like nikki crouching on the bed like that thinking..... and also, i do look at hintai, for artistic purposes, because you can copy the naked girl on paper and draw the clothes how you want, and its damn easier then trying to draw the girl naked with clothes on then draw your own clothes on her.....

swordmaster writes:

Date Posted: 14:07:2007 Time Posted: 05:16AM

wow all of your pics are very nice, I also draw anime and manga, like Fullmetal alchemist, Inuyasha, and others, but I still have problems with the arms and hands. but I won't give up so one day I'll have a website to so my drawing. This pic of christmas is the best,SO FAR. but anyways give me a shout out when you make new ones. laters..

Boonedale writes:

email Date Posted: 27:01:2007 Time Posted: 08:51PM

Love this one as well...:-)

punkrocker writes:

Date Posted: 30:10:2006 Time Posted: 09:59PM

Another good drawing here, I draw manga but I wish I was HALF as good as you! The hair/xmas tree was a really cool touch to, very original! Good work!

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 20:10:2006 Time Posted: 11:27AM

I swear these drawings keep geting better and better.
You born to do this.

LULU writes:

email Date Posted: 20:09:2006 Time Posted: 02:28AM

You're such a great artist!

Wildtrickstyle writes:

email Date Posted: 07:07:2006 Time Posted: 12:29AM

Totally original with the hair. So awesome. Very talented.

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