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Swimwear Girl

Here's another small time contest entry for the topic "swimsuit". Like the School Nikki pic, It was another lengthy task that took many hours to finish. I was originally gonna do Nikki for the contest, but simply felt like a change. I was particularly pleased with both the pencil work and CG. Especially since durring the CG process I was starting to worry 'cos I wasn't getting any of the shading to look right, but I think her hair and shirt really helped pull it back up. The pattern on her shirt was a new technique using the displacement filter - something I picked up from reading a PS tutorial at PolyKarbon. I still find reading other's tuts very useful 'cos half the time I always learn something new. Saying that, I think now, I've learned practically all PS has to offer :) I must also mention I won the contest this time!!
-Date completed: Sep 30h '01. Materials used: Drawn with 2H pencil, CGed with PhotoShop 5.5

awarded 1st place badge

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