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lil monsta

Creature for Legendary

This is a nice little creation I came up with for the 'cute creature' contest for Legendary. The good thing about this project was that the brief was very open and left me with a lot of scope for creativity. After planning out some roughs I decided upon this round creature with little claws, yet not an evil, mean creature! However the first design made it look as though he had a giant coconut taped to his head, so I remodelled it to create this ^_^ As for colour scheme, all I had in mind from the start was obviously the red gem and purple limbs- I managed to later pull off my CG idea using PhotoShop. Unfortuanetly I only placed 6th in the event.
-Date completed: Sep 27h '01. Materials used: Drawn with 2H pencil, inked with Edding 1800 profipen (01 - 05), CGed with PhotoShop 5.5

awarded 6th place badge

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