Hero & Jowy March 2001

emailhomepageBest of Friends by Raincrystal

Comments: Throughout the game, it seems like deep at heart, the three friends wanted nothing more than to be together again, as they were before. I think that despite the boys' enrollment in the Youth Brigade, none of them were really emotionally prepared to act as adults; when they were forced to fight a war, they just wanted to go back to their idyllic life being kids again. Nanami was particularly expressive of this wish, begging the hero to give up the army and lead a peaceful life where no one gets killed. I think she dreamed of this moment.
This picture was done with watercolor; I added the "frame" in Photoshop.

emailhomepageForgiven Atreides by Shadow Nexus

Comments: Well, thos is my first submission. I really loved Jowy, he was a very interesting character.

emailhomepageMark of faith by Yorozu

Comments: I try draw like fresco. I use paper, pen and Photo shop 5.5. I surprised there is a Suikoden in anoter country. I thought It is sell Japan only.

emailhomepageHero & Jowey by Kei

Comments: Well I was trying a new CG style for this one, and it turned out rather well I think. Maybe next time It'll look better but..for now..its at least -them- :3!

emailhomepageits been a while by Josue Oquendo

Comments: hey,this is my first entry to mvgc hope u like it.Its a quick sketch of the hero grown up and ready for a fight(hmmm)It was done with a point 5 pencil and touched up a bit in photoshop 5.0.next time i'll do a better one.

emailhomepageSword of Highland by K Kirk

Comments: Just a little pic of Jowy, in his Highland uniform. This picture was drawn by hand with pencil and ink, then colored with PSP 6.0. Comments are welcome.

emailhomepage Fate of Friendship by zunaki

Comments: This work isn't neat enough because I hasten to finish it.I colour it by water colour and pencil colour.I can't colour by Photoshop because I don't have equipment to do it.I'll do work better than this work and send to join with you next time.

emailhomepageDouble Trouble by Sylence

Comments: I sketched this one with a mechanical pencil and colored it with photoshop. Pretty cut and dry. I don't know too much about these two characters, so I couldn't really get a feel for this one, but it came out good, no? Maybe one day I'll get some art supplies and quit my day job :P

emailhomepageFate by Vhae Penn Su

Comments: AAAARRGHHH!!! The background is sooooo weird!!!! 0_0' !!!! WHOA!! this is my first submition! Cool!!!! Yiiiiiikes!!! Jowy´s leg is kinda... small... eeeeeekkk!!!!!!

emailhomepageNew Recruits by Darine Guerier

Comments: The hero and Jowy, about when they enlisted in the Highland Unicorn Brigade. Done in Prismacolor pencils with the help of some nifty other tools (blender, pen, white ink, cat trying to lie on my notebook...ack) Took me a good part of this morning... Perhaps Nanami took this picture. ^_^ (Why is it that the uniforms of the Unicorn Brigade seem to fit them better than the regular uniforms on the Highland soldiers?)


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