March 2001

suikodenThis month's characters are the Hero and Jowy from the RPG 'Suikoden 2'. You have the chance to draw one, or both of these characters.

History: Hero and Jowy are two young boys who start off as members of the Highland Army. Overhearing the traitorous plot of the Prince and his general, the hero and his life-long friend Jowy become hunted criminals and escape to the opposing side where they then begin their adventure. Later on the hero and Jowy become the world's most powerful leaders, the bad thing is they are on opposite sides of the war and Hero and Joey must face each other on the battle field. Note: At the start of the game it's up to you to give the hero (kid on the left) a name.


Another month or great entries. Thanks again to those who took part, It was real tricky to choose only one artist of the month!

Artist of the month: Kei!

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