Silent Hill March 2003

emailhomepage Inspired by the "Making of Silent Hill 2" by Maija Rajala

Comments: This drawing has been inspired by the first sketches for the "Red Pyramid" in The Making of Silent Hill 2 document.

emailhomepage Silent Hill 2 - Mysterious Maria by Jbinc

Comments: Firstly, I want to say lots of thanks to all the people at Bomu's message board, who are probably sick of this picture by now! This was a lot of fun to work on, and I hope you all like it :) I wanted to do a pic of Maria because although I haven't played the game, her character was one of the things that stuck in my head after seeing the trailer.
Now that I've done this pic, I really wish I'd chosen a more interesting pose and expression, but I'm still happy with it!

Oh, and if you're wondering: A4 sketch inked by hand, scanned and coloured in photoshop, with a photo off the net that I also warped and recoloured in photoshop in the background. Enjoy! :D

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content "silence" by Ace Dayan

Comments: Well this be my first submission for mvc, fortunately for me, its with a good video game :). I'm a fan of silent hill (in this case, silent hill 2) n i thought that i'd just try an keep an eerie feel, kind of a sense of desolation. So i figured i'd keep it simple, but still try an make it stand out with "something". I wanted to use James (main character of SH2) and have him standing on the spot, just surrounded with darkness. So i started off sketching him, then added a few shades just to get an image of what i'd be doin'. I used Photoshop 7, mainly alot of layers (especially with the different shades and sentences). I also used different brush types, just to add a bit of a "roughness" (some texture) like the way silent hill 2 was portrayed. With the colours, again, just three or so colours, keeping with the simplicity, but at the same time, keeping a sense of darkness as of the game's portrayal of james' journey. With the prayer, i remembered it bein' an old prayer from long ago, also, konami used it in one of silent hill 2's E3 footage, so i added it in (i like it!, suits it really :D) - um, i wasn't really too sure 'bout the second sentence of it, but i reckon iz close enough.

Well, i hope everyone enjoys my pic, i know i enjoyed creating it.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Regular participant SH1 Nurse Enemy by Mark Patraw

Comments: This is one of the nurse enemies from the first Silent Hill game, some of the symbols and imagery in the background are from the game, the rest is just random nonsense I came up with. This piece was done in ink, colored pencil, marker, No. 2 pencil, and watercolor and took about 1-2 hours to complete.

emailhomepage Regular participant (untitled) by Chrissy

Comments: Its been awhile since I've submitted anything here but when I saw Silent Hill I had to, its one of the scariest games I've ever played. I wanted to draw Lisa and so I did ^_^ shes all bloodied up. I know I did a few things wrong (quite a few) but like an idiot I did it from memory and didn't look at refrence pictures until after I had finished it. So I know shes missing her jacket and her hair is too short, but what are you going to do?

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content Regular participant Silent(Benny)Hill part 1 1/2 by Y.M.Esposito

Comments: I'm not sure if this month's was for SH1 or SH2, but since I haven't played the first one in quite some time, I went for SH2. Anyhow, I had two projects for this, one more serious and heavy on the mediums, but I went with the 'funny' one instead. I drew this awhile ago with pen and colored pencils, then scanned it and re-did the color in photoshop. Man, pyramid head's knife-sword-thingy was cool...not very practical, but fun.
Comments welcome.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability "Silent Hill" by Nathaniel Paguyo

Comments: Whats up? My first submission. I dont know much about this game besides the research that i did. Never played it before. I rushed to meet the deadline so it didnt come out as expected. More to come next month. If you want to see more check out my site. later. NP

emailhomepage Regular participant Shadowed Demon by Insignificant Entity

Comments: "I don't have any comment to make that is related to my picture, so I'll just say what I was thinking of, while I was completing the picture. Excuse the politics. The novel 1984 was 19 years off."

emailhomepage Regular participant No One Loves You by Allison

Comments: Gah, ran out of time to make a new pic! But this is still one of my favorites, anyway... This was taken from one of my favorite scenes in the game (as morbid as that may sound). This is James in the elevator of the "Nightmare" hospital after ... *spoiler* :P The light smattering of blood could be considered gratuitous, but I don't feel it's out of place given the circumstances.

emailhomepage Regular participant Killer Bunny by J. Gibbons Nguyen

Comments: I'm so excited for the 3rd game that I decided to do a fanart on it.


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