Silent Hill


Comments: Well this be my first submission for mvc, fortunately for me, its with a good video game :). I'm a fan of silent hill (in this case, silent hill 2) n i thought that i'd just try an keep an eerie feel, kind of a sense of desolation. So i figured i'd keep it simple, but still try an make it stand out with "something". I wanted to use James (main character of SH2) and have him standing on the spot, just surrounded with darkness. So i started off sketching him, then added a few shades just to get an image of what i'd be doin'. I used Photoshop 7, mainly alot of layers (especially with the different shades and sentences). I also used different brush types, just to add a bit of a "roughness" (some texture) like the way silent hill 2 was portrayed. With the colours, again, just three or so colours, keeping with the simplicity, but at the same time, keeping a sense of darkness as of the game's portrayal of james' journey. With the prayer, i remembered it bein' an old prayer from long ago, also, konami used it in one of silent hill 2's E3 footage, so i added it in (i like it!, suits it really :D) - um, i wasn't really too sure 'bout the second sentence of it, but i reckon iz close enough.

Well, i hope everyone enjoys my pic, i know i enjoyed creating it.

- Ace


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