March 2003

silenthillThis month features Silent Hill- the spooky atmospheric survival horror series. You have the oportunity to draw ANY character creature or fav scene from the game!

An into to Silent Hill: Harry Mason is driving to Silent Hill to spend a nice vacation with his daughter, Cheryl, since they hardly ever get to anymore. She is sleeping in the car holding her drawing book that was given to her on her birthday. A woman in a police uniform speeds by Harry's car. His daughter wakes up from all the commotion, and smiles to him. Later down the road he passes by a motorcycle that looks identical to the police officer's. Out of nowhere a shadowy figure of a woman walks into the street. Harry swerves the car in hope to not hit the person. His car crashes, and when he wakes up Cheryl is missing. His car isn't working anymore, there is a strange fog, and nothing makes sense. Now he must find Cheryl, he must save his daughter, before something horrible happens to her.

Fantastic yet very different entried this month. Many submissions managed to get more out of the Silent Hill theme than we expected, which was great!

Artist of the month: Mark Patraw!

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