Rudy April 2002

homepageemailA Little Action of the Rudy Kind by Brandi Giacchetta

Comments: Rudy is the cat's ass.

emailhomepage A Drifter's Prologue by alvin levi

Comments: This is my first entry to this cool site, definitely gonna be a regular. well i missed the other months, due to unforseen i quickly made time for myself and did this drawing up.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out. i drew it with a 0.5 pacer (mechanical pencil), the sketchlike look was done on purpose. Then i coloured it in Photoshop 6.0 with a mouse i might add, my hand is now permanently crippled now (HAHAHAHAHA), but it was worth it. It took me about an hour or so to do the pencil drawing, then another 6 or so hours to colour it...i think?...not sure now, well it took a while.

As you can tell i'm a big fan of manga and anime, and my drawing style reflects dat so much :D. But my style is always evolving into something better, so classifying it early may not be accurate. Well my biggest inspirations dat keep me from becoming a full time junior sales clerk...ahem...are Masumune Shirow, Hideo Miyazaki, Long Vo, Alvin Lee and a whole cast of online artists. well enough of my babbling, see you in a month.

emailhomepage Regular participant Rudy by Dan "Yorkie" York

Comments: b&w sub for MVGC

">emailhomepage Regular participant Rudy's Wild Arm! by Ben "Bomu" Krefta

Comments: I wasn't gonna do a Rudy and wait 'till I posted a character I liked more, but he's not all bad and I'm glad I did draw him ^_^ If you'd like to give me or any of the other entries here some feedback, why not check out the message board? *end plug* :D Sorry this one's just a head & shoulders (and Arm!) shot, but at least it didn't take half as long as usual, which I'm happy about. Some times it's cool just to chill and draw rather than worry about poses and angles and themes and stories and castles! Mind you, it's not being particularly creative >_<

emailhomepage Going for cel d(-_-)b by Tony Wood a.k.a Random_Task

Comments: Well, i have to say overall i am pretty happy with this piece...i was going for a cel look...hmm, i think it turned out not too bad...i had to face one of my fears to complete this, draw a gun!:O or try to make a gun look like it was spinning while doing it cel you can see i opted for the second...i did this in photoshop 6 and it took me maybe 5 hours, pencil and colouring...:)

emailhomepage Regular participant Ammo's Art by Allison L

Comments: I was afraid I'd not have time to get an entry in this month, and I'm usually wary of doing "last minute" projects, as I tend to try to rush too much... but this actually came together rather quickly. Sketched it in one night, layed in the basic colors the next day in Photoshop, and then cleaned it up the next day using Painter Classic and Photoshop. I'm actually pretty happy with how it turned out... except I couldn't find decent reference of Rudy's gun - it's been so long since I've played the game. *sigh* Ahh, well.

emailhomepage Rudy by John the 3rd

Comments: My first time to submit to the new MVGC.

emailhomepage Regular participant Rudy Strikes a Pose by Say Xiong

Comments: Whenever I draw Rudy, he always remind me of Orphen.....oh well!...I haven't colored in color pencils for a long time. So i figured i'd do that for Rudy(cuz i like blueish hair) I know i have some things drawn wrong though...^_^() ..well, enjoy!

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content Regular participant Trash Intro Omake by Force Vector (nom de mouse)

Comments: Last month was the the perils of procrastinating, this month was the beauty of working early (sort of). If it wasn't for John the 3rd (see his
work somewhere above), I'd still be procrastinating this submission - I'm glad he kicked my lazy ass.

Shooting my big mouth off, I promised BOMU that I'd make a Japanese style four panel comic strip. At the start I had only two gags - both were pretty lame. The first gag's sequence was: (1) Top down shot of Rudi reaching up saying "Just a little more..."; (2) Close shot of Cecilia's face as she tells Jack not to peek up her skirt; (3) Close shot of Jack looking down and denying the accusation; (4) A semi-SD long shot of the three forming a human ladder with Jack on all fours acting as base, Cecila standing on his back and Rudi standing on her shoulders - Rudi's outstretched arm is ablur as he tries to get his first grip on the cliff wall and is saying "C'mon guys, I've almost reached it!", Cecilia replies "Hurry up, you're heavy!", and Jack retorts "Oh yeah! What about me?!". The second gag is the one you see here.

Since the submission is a comic strip, it wasn't subject to my cheesy-anime-title rule. I used the word "Trash" since I notice that a lot of Japanese artists (and some games) use it to refer to unused or unfinished artwork.

Because I started work a week before the deadline, I decided to try out a visual style that I had stumbled upon while working on the Ulala submission - which in the end nearly prevented me from submitting this. You have to admit, it does look purty.

Still no change in what I use to make the image (HB pencil, any ol' drawing paper, .5 tech pen). Drawing and inking the four panels took around a day, cleaning it up after scanning took another day (a tedious, mind-lobotomizing process... unfortunately it's the only method I know that makes my work look really nice), block coloring also consumed a day (since I'm trying out a new style), and color shading was almost 2 days of carpal-tunnel-syndrome-inducing mouse work. Between block coloring and color shading I took a day off, especially when my fingers started to cramp from constantly gripping a mouse.

emailhomepage Rudy~! by Final Light Ceres

Comments: i was really really extremely bored in math class today, so i whipped out my pencil, eraser, and a borrowed pen and drew... RUDY! i hadn't drawn him in a while, and i was reminded that he existed when i was threatening-er... 'requesting' a piccie from carbait and bomu wanted a rudy pic. yeah. boring pointless story.

emailhomepage Regular participant Walking Into the Sunset by Darine

Comments: Wild ARMs' very fun (and very brown) Western atmosphere was my inspiration for this picture, which uses the old 'walking into the sunset' theme. I sketched it out with pencil first, then inked with Staedtler pens, and finally colored with Prismacolor pencils (aided by a marker blender).
Rudy is one of my favorite RPG main heroes. While silent protagonists sometimes come off as bland, I think Rudy's silence is actually effective, and even without him speaking we can tell his emotions and character. Rudy's just nifty. ^_^


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