Millenia October 2003

homepage emailEh, its not so bad... I guess. by John Savoia

Comments: Finnaly I get around to submitting. I've been coming here for two years now, just never had enough skill/belief to draw something. Well, in short, its ok. I wanted to color it, may in the future, but I just wasn't feeling this one. Actually did this in about 45 minutes total, both pencil and inks. And did it Sept. 22, guess I have a whole month to think of how I should have improved it...

emailhomepage Millenia by The Slacker Saint

Comments: I hope I made her playful enough, she's a very fun character and I have a LOT of love for her. Enjoy~!

emailhomepage Regular phomepage For displaying original or creative content Fan Mail by Sairus

Comments: I did it! I actually did it! I finished an image for MVGC! *pats himself on the back* I've been coming to this site for two solid years, back when it was the Morrigan/Lillith month. Every month since then I've started an image but never finished one.. this one I started and finished over a weekend the day before the deadline.. figures... Anyhoo, I penciled this in about 5 hours with an average 3H pencil, then left it overnight and inked it in about 6 hours with a .005 Pigment Liner (I'm really slow incase you hadn't noticed). The lips were supplied by my sister ^_^ The image is supposed to be one of those signed photos Celebreties send out to fans, I was going to draw in a frame but I drew her too big and couldn't fit one. Well, I hope you enjoy the image anf I hope to have another up next month!


(P.S She's holdinga bow because I read somewhere that she uses one.. could never find an image of her with one.. so if she doesn't use one don't blame me, I'm ignorant.. I really have to track a copy of this game down...)

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Millenia by Charlie Morrow

Comments: What can I say, drawing a character like Millenia is a breath of fresh air. I should say rather, that seeing other people draw this character is what's refreshing. I personally draw characters like Millenia all the time. I've always been partial to the sexy & powerful female character archetypes. The bottom line is they're just superior characters in terms of aesthetic quality and detail (not to mention personality depth). Unfortunately the majority of fanart pieces circulating the internet are just lackluster, rehashes of cliche characters like FF10's Yuna (ie- when there are hundreds of pictures of Yuna and only a handful of Lulu pics, artist are getting either really tasteless or really lazy)... No offence to you die-hard Yuna fans. So to the site owner- Excellent choice for this month's character. I hope to see more pictures drawn of great characters like Millenia, Lulu, Ultimecia, Edea, Rose, etc. in the future.

For displaying original or creative content Dark Millenia by Andréas

Comments: The title "Dark Millenia" is what it says on the pic too (it reads "Mörk Millenia") Why? ..becouse she is a dark version (a.k.a. evil, ..stupid, whos to say the dark is evil anyways? just look at Darth Vader.) that all, no fun and gags this time ..I have not played this game at all so I just looked at some other pics on the wired for her, the character is quite overdesigned me thinks, so I made an alternate (slightly) one rather than even try to add even more stuff on her. I like the original though, it looks a bit like it was inspired by our dear Masamune Shirow with her snakehips pouting lower lip and wide shoulders (I think they are pretty wide even without the pad things;) I tried to keep the "Shirow-look" in there (as I do a lot of that in any case;) In this outfit she would work allright in something like Soulcalibur 2 maybe, (and replace that daft McFarlane character.) so a weapon (or a scepter thingie..) was added, It look a bit weird couse I deleted the background, she was meant to lean/sit on the darn thing. don't know if she use weapons in the game (like said, have not played Grandia :) Consider doing a color version too, but it was made with some crap watersoluble ink so.. anyways, if I do one it should be up on my webpage SDGD when this b/w one is up on MVGC. Color should make it a bit better maybe, but her red hair would probably just make a lot of jpg compressionscrap though. Listened only to Alizée while drawing (it took 2,5 hours) this one, she still turned out having a vicious eyes, strange.. Damn I'm blabbing am I not? ..OK, Ill stop it now. Bye! ^o^´y

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Under The Pale Moon by Y.M.Esposito

Comments: I never did get to finish Grandia 2, my dreamcast got all wonky. Millenia was one of my favorite characters- that annoying "Songstress of Granas" was so obnoxious...Anyways, I did a quick sketch, scanned it and colored it in photoshop. Total finishing time was about 2 hours. I think it came out pretty good. Since it's close to Halloween and with Millenia being a demon and all, I figured I'd give this pic a theme....^_^. Once my bf and I get our webhosters all figured out (long, terrible NOT have your site hosted by worldwebhosters...) I'll have a bigger version of the pic on my website,

emailhomepage Millenia (aren't I orginal ^-^;) by Shanna

Comments: This was done very quickly, the inking was done qucikly, and so was the coloring. There's a coupla things off with the picture (her chest is lopsided) but not bad for a first attempt at this i suppose. ^-^; hurray for part demon chicks.

emailhomepage Regular participantFor displaying original or creative content Millenia by Jared J. Lee

Comments: First time working lace.


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