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Comments: I did it! I actually did it! I finished an image for MVGC! *pats himself on the back* I've been coming to this site for two solid years, back when it was the Morrigan/Lillith month. Every month since then I've started an image but never finished one.. this one I started and finished over a weekend the day before the deadline.. figures... Anyhoo, I penciled this in about 5 hours with an average 3H pencil, then left it overnight and inked it in about 6 hours with a .005 Pigment Liner (I'm really slow incase you hadn't noticed). The lips were supplied by my sister ^_^ The image is supposed to be one of those signed photos Celebreties send out to fans, I was going to draw in a frame but I drew her too big and couldn't fit one. Well, I hope you enjoy the image anf I hope to have another up next month!


(P.S She's holdinga bow because I read somewhere that she uses one.. could never find an image of her with one.. so if she doesn't use one don't blame me, I'm ignorant.. I really have to track a copy of this game down...)

- Sairus


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