Comments: What can I say, drawing a character like Millenia is a breath of fresh air. I should say rather, that seeing other people draw this character is what's refreshing. I personally draw characters like Millenia all the time. I've always been partial to the sexy & powerful female character archetypes. The bottom line is they're just superior characters in terms of aesthetic quality and detail (not to mention personality depth). Unfortunately the majority of fanart pieces circulating the internet are just lackluster, rehashes of cliche characters like FF10's Yuna (ie- when there are hundreds of pictures of Yuna and only a handful of Lulu pics, artist are getting either really tasteless or really lazy)... No offence to you die-hard Yuna fans. So to the site owner- Excellent choice for this month's character. I hope to see more pictures drawn of great characters like Millenia, Lulu, Ultimecia, Edea, Rose, etc. in the future.

- Charlie


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