Dead or Alive Girls December 2002

homepage email"Sous les Sunlight des tropiques" by Subaru

Comments: It's my first try on painter ...Damn ! It's difficult T___T

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Dead Or Alive Beach Ball girl by Eri Gaudiamo

Comments: I love drawing sexy girl

emailhomepage Runaway Shinobi by Paul Levesque aka Saraquiel

Comments: Well I drew something like 2 months ago, and while I thought it was great back then, I would now call it a "OK" picture.
It was pencil-drawn then inked, scanned and coloured using Photoshop5.5

emailhomepage Hitomi by xdragon

Comments: My first submission here at MVGC. My rendition of Hitomi. Done in PaintBBS ( I hope you guys like it.

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content Leifang's Happy Holiday! by Y.M.Esposito

Comments: I used Photoshop 7 for the background and Sakura micron pens and Prismacolor watercolor markers for the rest. I'd say it took me about 3 hours total. Early on I decided on something cute, because there are tons of 'provocative' pictures of the DoA girls...^_^;

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content no title by Jason Pyke

Comments: I seriously slacked this month. I ended up cramming this picture over the course of the last couple of nights. Over all I'd say it took 3-4 hours for the pencils of all the characters and then 35 or so hours in Photoshop. I've learned my lesson about over-extending myself. I get these great ideas, but it just takes forever to execute them. I would like to address the fact that I've only received one email in the last two months from this site. That's kinda sad. I may not be the best artist, but that's not the point. We're all artists and we should be communicating with eachother. Helping each other out! So I challenge you all to email the people that submitted this month. I'm going to personally write each and everyone of them a letter. I might be criticizing your picture a bit, or praising it's qualities. It's just nice to know that with all this effort, at least someone is looking at your picture and it's nice to know what those people thought about it. End rant.

emailhomepage Regular participant Helena ver. Z by Lao-Z

Comments: Photoshop - 2 hours probably
(Im Getting Better At Coloring With Photoshop, Photoshop Is Hard To Use)

Drawing - 1 hour probably
(Drew It On Paper Full Of Sketches, Very Hard To Redraw)

Finding A Pose - 3 hours probably
(It Took Me Forever To Find A Pose, I Cant Make Up Poses, Its Hard).

OK Thats It, GG, Im Out.

emailhomepage Regular participant Kasumi by Glarryg

Comments: Sort of a cel-shaded/grayscale hybrid; drawn in an hour or so, scanned and colored using Photoshop (took another hour or two). For my money, Kasumi is probably the most alluring if the DoA women.

emailhomepage Regular participant Lei Fang in outfit 1 by Will Watkins

Comments: This is like the third picture I ever colored in Photoshop. I still love it a lot. This is exactly how it appeared after I finished it. I hope y'all like it.

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability Tina & Helena by Patara

Comments: Just Tina and Helena posing. The coloring took me a really long time.

emailhomepage Regular participant Beautiful Day!!! by Sylence

Comments: Ready to play some volleyball? I drew each woman seperate with a mechanical pencil...inked them with a nice loose black pen and colored them in photoshop 7. then grabbed me a beach from off the net and VOILA!!! our girls are ready for some fun in the sun (which i added). enjoy!

emailhomepage Regular participant kamoku jinkaku Kasumi by Nick Whitman

Comments: I Extend my gratitude to Ben for picking some great characters to draw! I could do this for the rest of my life. here, kasumi is presented in the gentlest profile I had always imagined, I had a plethora of ideas for this one but just couldn't bring myself to make this a total "knockout" or "breakthrough" design. This took almost the whole day friday after work to compose, but it was so worth it.

~ Ps: Happy B-day Nick for the 22nd of Dec! - Ben

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative content daddy's girl by Greg

Comments: Hello everyone! Lots of cool artwork going on here - thought I'd add some of my own! Sorry it's a day late but I made the age old mistake of not saving after 3 hours cg-ing @_@;;; and lost most of my colour and shading after my computer pounced on the fact and crashed for no reason!! grrrrrrrrr!! This will have to do. If I'm too late - never mind - I'll catch you next time a character I like comes along!! :) Lineart in Illustrator (where I usually do colour as well), any colour that remains in photoshop 4 (trying it out) All drawn using wacom A4 intuos2 What I've done took (very approx.) 5hrs

emailhomepage Ayane by SilentDan

Comments: Originally ment to be one part of a larger collage of the girls... To be updated later!

emailhomepage Regular participant Kasumi Apologies by Force Vector

Comments: Thought I'd add this one in too- It's fanart after all!
- Ben

">emailhomepage Regular participant TBA by Ben "Bomu" Krefta

Comments: For special reasons my entry will be posted at a later date!


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