The Girls of DoA

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Comments: I seriously slacked this month. I ended up cramming this picture over the course of the last couple of nights. Over all I'd say it took 3-4 hours for the pencils of all the characters and then 35 or so hours in Photoshop. I've learned my lesson about over-extending myself. I get these great ideas, but it just takes forever to execute them. I would like to address the fact that I've only received one email in the last two months from this site. That's kinda sad. I may not be the best artist, but that's not the point. We're all artists and we should be communicating with eachother. Helping each other out! So I challenge you all to email the people that submitted this month. I'm going to personally write each and everyone of them a letter. I might be criticizing your picture a bit, or praising it's qualities. It's just nice to know that with all this effort, at least someone is looking at your picture and it's nice to know what those people thought about it. End rant.

- Jason


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