Dante February 2002

homepageFor showing great skill, technical abilityemailDante weilding his mighty manhood!! by Steven Ebsworth

Comments: Ummm this is actually a current project im doing!!! Its basically the underlying picture for a box art of devil never cries! It took me bout 5 hours to cg in photoshop and half an hour to sketch and ink!!!

emailhomepage baptism by ryan

Comments: i was thinking of dante and when he was younger how his powers manifested and the realization of those powers, i imagined it sorta like a supernova, light envelopes him, he then falls to his knees and wings sprout, then a lone feather eminatting energy and fading as it falls gently into his hand. a tad dramatic i know, but i guess it works besides i've been working on a bunch of sequential storyboards so maybe thats why i'm so wordy about the whole thing.

ANYWAYS ^_^ the drawing is done with a plain old pencil took about 1-2 hours, then scanned and cleaned up in photoshop 6 and then colored in painter which took the course of uhmm 3-4 days i think? well adding all the hours together anyway it equals 3-4 days. i missed the deadline for last months entry, and well to be honest i couldn't come up with a cool enough pose for yuna so i sorta gave up on it =p but it was with good reason cuz i wanted something decent for my first entry so here it is ^_^

i like how the shading his torso turned out and was quite happy with the look of his pants, his wings could be better sculpted and the shadow is a bit raggedy and not dark enough in areas but i think the effect is appropriate for the piece. i think i might go in and put some more highlights though later though.

i'm curently experimenting with a technique using the flat color of the ink pen option to lay color bases down, then use the same tool to add the shadow and blend it in, using just add water. then i use the palette knife to sculpy the countours of the arm. you can see on his left arm (right side) how it looks, i'm finding it works well for me, i have someother things i'm coloring now with more intense and dramatic lighting useing those tools.

i like this piece cuz i can actually see how i'm improving with painter, i've only recently started using it for coloring and compared to the stuff on my
web page i think this is much better so it's nice to see how one develops, though i hope not to get too complacent otherwise i'll get lazy and not get any better ^_^ so guys feel free to sendme any crtis and feedback would love to hear from you ^_^

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative contentXmas Dante by Allison (Ammo)

Comments: My second pic (so far) from the excellent Capcom game... also the "traditional" Ammo's Art Christmas pic. :) Also my first "complete" pic on my new computer! Feel the power, man! XD
Medium: Wacom Tablet on Painter Classic and Photoshop 5; text in Paintshop Pro 6.
Inspirations: I was trying to think of something, well, not contrived for my pic this year... let's see... Dante wears red, has white hair, and a big, square belt buckle. Perfect! :D Cody also mentioned something about "sexy", I'm assuming he was referring just to Dante...

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical abilityDevil May Cry by Laguna

Comments: The perspective is off, but it was done intentionally. Coupled with the crazed drawing strokes and style of coloring, I tried to give the piece a gloomy atmosphere that fits the game.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Regular participant Dante and Trish by Artassassin

Comments: I did this pic a few months ago. I didn't really have a whole lot of time to work on it, so instead of inking it, I just colored the pencil art. I love Dante's smirk.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical abilityDevil May Cry Resolve by Nick Whitman

Comments: This is my first MVG submission, it took way too much time but it was worth it. it was all done in painter classic, it didn't quite turn out with the vision I had in mind but result was much more effective. any questions or comments will be greatly appreciated. Kudos! to your great
site which attracts so many artists. How did you get this thing started? I thought it was a real novel idea!

emailhomepage Untitled by Sol

Comments: Bleah, this pic has sooo many issues that I didn't have time/willpower to resolve x_x But I did learn some things from doing this funky lighting style and perspective. And it's Dante, so it can't be too bad XD! Sketched and colored via Painter Classic. Enjoy!

emailhomepage Dante after a smackdown. by Nyia Addison

Comments: I like how I colored the picture and I manage to make the big face in the back match the one in front. I colored the picture with Prismacolor markers and crayola color pencils. and markers. I also used Corel Photo House 5

emailhomepage For displaying original or creative contentTrish hits on Dante by Hellangel

Comments: Hi I've never done this before. anyway I really really really love Dante he rocks!! I did some fanart and collages here though my fav. is the comical sketch of Trish and Dante I did. Note all my pics suck!! I have more art I just haven't scanned it so you'll have to make do with this piece of junk. see ya.

emailhomepage Dante by RyanK

Comments: old...crappy...rock out.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical abilityDevil Man by Sara

Comments: Dante, wearing nothing but some blue lightning. ^_^; I only noticed he was this month's character two days before the deadline(eep!), so I had to kinda skimp on the coloring. 9_9

emailhomepage Regular participant The Devil Cries by JesterSpawn

Comments: Poor Dante. Like many of the characters in my drawings, he is forced to feel the emotions that I feel. He hurts because I hurt. I apologize that this picture isn't colored or shaded or anything like that, but I procrastinated again and had to come up with an idea in these last few hours left of today. (I'm writing this on the day of the deadline...)
Um... as usual, the only media used in making this picture was a Bic #2 mechanical pencil and some paper that I grabbed from my printer tray, 'cause I don't really think I'm good enough to need to buy "real" drawing supplies. This probably took me about an hour, I dunno... I wasn't really paying attention...


emailhomepage For displaying original or creative contentRegular participant Original Soundtrack Cover... NOT! by Force Vector (nom de mouse)

Comments: Unfortunately I couldn't think of a cheesy title this time... nor does the image have anything to do with Valentine's Day.

I had initially two ideas in mind for Dante. The first was to have Dante presented ala a fighter plane, all of the weapons he can use arranged in two
rows in front of him, while he's kneeling on one knee and smirking to the viewer. Unfortunately I couldn't find a site that showed all the weapons available, so that idea was nixed. The second was to do a John Woo style action sequence, wherein he had his guns blazing and the trench coat stylishly arranged behind him... but I wasn't too confident I could pull it off. Then it struck me on what to draw as I was staring at the Desperado CD Soundtrack.

Although the "pose" was simple, it took me half a day to draw the gun. I tried to make it as accurate as possible with the images I had on hand - which weren't a lot, nor were they large. The usual were used for drawing - HB pencil, .5 Tech Pen, plain 8.5x11 bond paper. Yet again I colored Dante without retaining the scanned in lineart. This took me around another half day to complete. Since I wasn't very happy with the end result, I decided to "cheat" and use PhotoShop's Watercolor filter to give it an artsy-fartsy feel. Alas, he still doesn't look like Dante... bummer.


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