Comments: i was thinking of dante and when he was younger how his powers manifested and the realization of those powers, i imagined it sorta like a supernova, light envelopes him, he then falls to his knees and wings sprout, then a lone feather eminatting energy and fading as it falls gently into his hand. a tad dramatic i know, but i guess it works besides i've been working on a bunch of sequential storyboards so maybe thats why i'm so wordy about the whole thing.

ANYWAYS ^_^ the drawing is done with a plain old pencil took about 1-2 hours, then scanned and cleaned up in photoshop 6 and then colored in painter which took the course of uhmm 3-4 days i think? well adding all the hours together anyway it equals 3-4 days. i missed the deadline for last months entry, and well to be honest i couldn't come up with a cool enough pose for yuna so i sorta gave up on it =p but it was with good reason cuz i wanted something decent for my first entry so here it is ^_^

i like how the shading his torso turned out and was quite happy with the look of his pants, his wings could be better sculpted and the shadow is a bit raggedy and not dark enough in areas but i think the effect is appropriate for the piece. i think i might go in and put some more highlights though later though.

i'm curently experimenting with a technique using the flat color of the ink pen option to lay color bases down, then use the same tool to add the shadow and blend it in, using just add water. then i use the palette knife to sculpy the countours of the arm. you can see on his left arm (right side) how it looks, i'm finding it works well for me, i have someother things i'm coloring now with more intense and dramatic lighting useing those tools.

i like this piece cuz i can actually see how i'm improving with painter, i've only recently started using it for coloring and compared to the stuff on my
web page i think this is much better so it's nice to see how one develops, though i hope not to get too complacent otherwise i'll get lazy and not get any better ^_^ so guys feel free to sendme any crtis and feedback would love to hear from you ^_^
- ryan

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