Original Soundtrack Cover... NOT!

Comments: Unfortunately I couldn't think of a cheesy title this time... nor does the image have anything to do with Valentine's Day.

I had initially two ideas in mind for Dante. The first was to have Dante presented ala a fighter plane, all of the weapons he can use arranged in two
rows in front of him, while he's kneeling on one knee and smirking to the viewer. Unfortunately I couldn't find a site that showed all the weapons available, so that idea was nixed. The second was to do a John Woo style action sequence, wherein he had his guns blazing and the trench coat stylishly arranged behind him... but I wasn't too confident I could pull it off. Then it struck me on what to draw as I was staring at the Desperado CD Soundtrack.

Although the "pose" was simple, it took me half a day to draw the gun. I tried to make it as accurate as possible with the images I had on hand - which weren't a lot, nor were they large. The usual were used for drawing - HB pencil, .5 Tech Pen, plain 8.5x11 bond paper. Yet again I colored Dante without retaining the scanned in lineart. This took me around another half day to complete. Since I wasn't very happy with the end result, I decided to "cheat" and use PhotoShop's Watercolor filter to give it an artsy-fartsy feel. Alas, he still doesn't look like Dante... bummer.

- Force Vector

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