Crono June 2002

homepageemailCrono by Keith

Comments: I tried to do a more "grown up" Crono. I taller, more slender version. It didn't turn out to incredibly well, although I am satisfied with the CG, and most of the posture (the arms look abit off to me, but I almost got it). The face is the major weak point, I just couldn't find anything that worked well for this image.
Medium, standard HB Pencil, COlored in Paint Shop Pro 7.0.

*Note: Compressed using some wizard thing in PSP 7.0. Sorry if the file size is too large or the colors are way off. Im not sure how it will look on others computers.

emailhomepage Regular participant Crono by JesterSpawn

Comments: First of all, let my state that I skipped last month's contest due to that reference picture of Elexis Sinclair. The thing almost gave me nightmares. I mean dang, they should have named her "Elexis Ugly-As-Sin- Clair." I hope whoever was making the art for that game company has since apologized for unleashing that beast upon the world...

Um, anyway, I love Chrono Trigger. It remains my favorite RPG of all time, and now that I've finished drawing this picture, I think I'll get it out and play again. It's been awhile since I've played through it. Anyway, about this picture... I tried to keep it pretty simple, 'cause I wasn't feeling like going for anything outrageous. Just Crono with a sword, tha's all. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that I remember using a sword this color in the game, but like I said it has been a long time and I'm REALLY tired right now so maybe I just made that up. Unnhh... Whatever.

emailhomepage Luminaire by Bryne

Comments: anyone else remember paying like $80 for this cart when it came out? anyway, it was well worth it. chrono trigger rocks your socks.

emailhomepage The Quiet Ones... by Stareyes

Comments: I had to submit for this... Chrono Trigger is, quite possibly, my favorite video game of all time (with one possible exception). I drew Chrono, with the other characters in the background. The quote at the bottom really just fits him so well, don''t you think?

emailhomepage Chrono Trigger/Radical Dreamers/Chrono Cross sketch by Tamashiino Buruma

Comments: I'm not very proud of it, that pic was more of a quick doodle really, but I suppose it turned out decent.

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical abilityCrono by clarion

Comments: I'm not a big fan of Toriyama, so I tried to get about as far from that style as I could and still have it look like Crono. I tried a different technique with this pic, using only a low opacity airbrush tool and with the pencil sketch as a guide that I later discarded.

Time: about 10 hours, all told.
Tools: Corel Photo-Paint 8

emailhomepage "Ronin" by Glarryg

Comments: This piece took a few hours, and was done in pencil and ink and scanned through Photoshop. I wanted to draw Crono in a reflective pose, but added the lined texture to give the picture a little more energy. In the end, it might look kind of like rain, but I guess that's not too bad (still adds energy, doesn't it?).

emailhomepage Chrono by Tom (nader the nu)

Comments: ...

emailhomepage Crono's Katana by Chris Gnam

Comments: I drew this on christmas day this year (well, technically, last year) and thought I should send it in. At first I didn't like it, can gave up on it for a few weeks, but later I decided to go back and finish it and I think it came out well. I inked it with a micron felt tip pen and colored it with colored pencils. After I colored it, I went over the ink lines again so they would stand out more instead of being buried under the colored pencil pigment. The scanner distorted the colors a little bit (the skin tone wasn't as muddy) and blurred a few of the details (like the highlights in his eyes) but I still think it looks cool.

emailhomepage Chrono Kids: As seen in Chrono Cross by Kay

Comments: ...

emailhomepage Hero of Time by The Entity

Comments: Hi folks!, well, Chrono Trigger has been my fav game of all time, so drawing Crono was a must. He may be as mute as a carrot, but his coolness goes beyond the language barrier.

This is the first pic I do for the web in about a year and a half (had an accident that forced me to dissappear from the web for all this time, so if you knew me and read this, now you know), and I'm sure I'll be coming back pretty often now that I'm all good and ready.

How did I do it? nothing special actually, used a HB pencil to make the drawings (yeah, one for the background, one for the foregorund) and inked them with a ball-pointed pen. After that, I "merged" them using Corel aplications (first time I do this). If you're wondering about the cape, just look at the picture where Crono, Marle and Frog fight a monster in the snow. It took about 2 - 3 hours to make (on a 3 day period).

Hope you like the Pic!

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Crono by Ronnie Fernandez

Comments: A simple cel style image which only took me a few hours to complete. I used Painter 7 for inking and Photoshop 7 for coloring.

Great site by the way!

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical abilityRegular participant Crono by Say Xiong

Comments: Tried to be a little original, but still, Akira Toriyama characters are still so memorable! ^_^


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