Comments: First of all, let my state that I skipped last month's contest due to that reference picture of Elexis Sinclair. The thing almost gave me nightmares. I mean dang, they should have named her "Elexis Ugly-As-Sin- Clair." I hope whoever was making the art for that game company has since apologized for unleashing that beast upon the world...

Um, anyway, I love Chrono Trigger. It remains my favorite RPG of all time, and now that I've finished drawing this picture, I think I'll get it out and play again. It's been awhile since I've played through it. Anyway, about this picture... I tried to keep it pretty simple, 'cause I wasn't feeling like going for anything outrageous. Just Crono with a sword, tha's all. Oh, and I'm pretty sure that I remember using a sword this color in the game, but like I said it has been a long time and I'm REALLY tired right now so maybe I just made that up. Unnhh... Whatever.

- JesterSpawn

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