Hero of Time

Comments: Hi folks!, well, Chrono Trigger has been my fav game of all time, so drawing Crono was a must. He may be as mute as a carrot, but his coolness goes beyond the language barrier.

This is the first pic I do for the web in about a year and a half (had an accident that forced me to dissappear from the web for all this time, so if you knew me and read this, now you know), and I'm sure I'll be coming back pretty often now that I'm all good and ready.

How did I do it? nothing special actually, used a HB pencil to make the drawings (yeah, one for the background, one for the foregorund) and inked them with a ball-pointed pen. After that, I "merged" them using Corel aplications (first time I do this). If you're wondering about the cape, just look at the picture where Crono, Marle and Frog fight a monster in the snow. It took about 2 - 3 hours to make (on a 3 day period).

Hope you like the Pic!

- The Entity

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