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Title: Creature for Legendary
Image Size:
Date: 27:09:2001
615 x 375 pixels
Materials: Pencil , & Photoshop 5.5

Something a little different: I came up with this one for the 'cute creature' contest on the web site Legendary Online. The good thing about this project was that the brief was very open and left me with a lot of scope for creativity. After planning out some roughs I decided upon this round creature with little claws, yet not an evil, mean creature!

The first design made it look as though he had a giant coconut taped to his head, so I remodelled it to create this As for colour scheme, all I had in mind from the start was the requested red gem and I wanted it to have purple limbs. I managed to later pull off my CG idea using PhotoShop. Unfortunately I only placed 6th in the event.


dawnkorus writes:

email Date Posted: 04:05:2008 Time Posted: 12:17AM

waiting for chimo to move or wave or sumat - tap a claw paw? cute - :music a bit grown up for chimo? give chimo a pal?

Cameron (Jirayiah's son) writes:

Date Posted: 13:08:2007 Time Posted: 03:06AM

some guy your wrong, its a tomagotchi

Cameron (Jirayiah's son) writes:

Date Posted: 13:08:2007 Time Posted: 03:05AM

nikki needs to be holding him in between her boobs, lol

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 23:06:2007 Time Posted: 05:08AM

Is that a Pokémon, or a Digimon? O_o;;
... Or is it a Neopet?

... writes:

email Date Posted: 23:06:2007 Time Posted: 05:06AM

The feet are... really ugly. >>

punkrocker writes:

Date Posted: 30:10:2006 Time Posted: 10:11PM

Well I think it's awesome and aboslutely ADORABLE! I have issues in doing my own creatures though, it always seems like my ideas end up looking really dumb or something someone already drew (i.e pokemon digimon neopets) Great job, love it!

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 20:10:2006 Time Posted: 11:31AM

it awesome but,it needs a name like Chimo.

Tammy McVampy writes:

email web site Date Posted: 11:10:2006 Time Posted: 09:36PM

awww! so many unsupportive comments! :O I think its gorgeous... you should see my creatures... HEY! MAYBE TRY AND DO WHAT I CAN NEVER DO! A pic of a girl squishing a cute lil creature like this lovingly... i would draw it if i could draw better

LULU writes:

email Date Posted: 21:09:2006 Time Posted: 12:56AM

it's good.. though i think you should give it a name.

Hiro writes:

Date Posted: 12:01:2006 Time Posted: 04:09PM

needs a name and a story

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