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Title: Nikki : On Bed
Image Size:
Date: 01:05:2001
500 x 689 pixels
Materials: Pencil & Photoshop 5.5

I was very pleased with this at the time as I could see both my line art and colour work was improving. As with the first Nikki illustration, I went for bright, vibrant colours, which Iíve always been a fan of. An alternative colour version of this picture doubled up as the gift for the first Nikki fan art contest held in May 2001.


James writes:

email Date Posted: 03:11:2023 Time Posted: 01:52AM

I do miss all the original artwork and the uncensored ones too

black shadow writes:

Date Posted: 10:12:2008 Time Posted: 07:28PM

this is a good pic but it needs a nature background i think or something less pink but i the pic you are a artist kepp drawing on

Phenix Ryte writes:

Date Posted: 02:12:2007 Time Posted: 12:16AM

listen I don't care okay, why does manga have to be on a piece of paper it's not fickin'(I can cuss right?) fair! Like it sorta... whatever, don't get cocky.

Cameron (Jirayiah's son) writes:

Date Posted: 13:08:2007 Time Posted: 03:16AM

omg, thats a TV, lol i just thought she was in deep thought, lol
shes probably watching Naruto, or Bleach, or inuyasha, cuz shes anime and anime probably watch anime(does anyone get what im saying) or maybe henta..... must not finnish the perverted quote!!!! MUST RESIST!!!!!!! O_O' HENTAAAAAIIIII!!!!! @_@ oops!

punkrocker writes:

Date Posted: 30:10:2006 Time Posted: 10:02PM

Hey don't listen to the negative comments people give you! This was another good picture, I hate it when people have nothing good to say, you don't need to blab it all over, if you hate it you hate it it doesnt mean everyone else does! Nice job rock on!

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 20:10:2006 Time Posted: 11:02AM

Crap my finger slipped! that was all the men here love it.

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 20:10:2006 Time Posted: 11:00AM

Jakian and Insane Reader need to look at hot girl instad the small
Come on all the here like it.

Tammy McVampy writes:

email web site Date Posted: 11:10:2006 Time Posted: 06:55PM

Ohhh great picture! i love the feeling of realisation -> "OHHH! ITS A TV!" hahaaaa, nice line art and colouring! i love how you shade her legs.. make them look soooooo sooffffffft hahaha!

P.S: hey i'm english... Lurrrve meeee!

D writes:

email Date Posted: 21:09:2006 Time Posted: 08:21PM

I wonder what shes watching that has her full attention and is the reason behind her nibbling her finger/caressing her ler

SHIBBY writes:

email Date Posted: 12:09:2005 Time Posted: 12:16PM

WHAT THE HELL why do you people judge unkindly making little stabs theres no need this picyures fab and if u cant find anything good to say then SHUT UP

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