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Title: Sage and Sekk
Image Size:
Date: 01:04:2001
889 x 751 pixels
Materials: Pencil & Photoshop 5.5

Combining two character artworks from separate images.

Sage (on the left) was my third MAG (Monthly Anime Gaijin Competition) submission. He's based on the staff wielding monkey character from the Journey to the West story. Despite my efforts, I didn't win but was pleased with character art - they look a little like something out of a Capcom fighting game.

Sekk (on the right), has the ability to use the elemental forces of fire to help defeat his enemies along with his huge dragon sword.


Sketch : Pencil



Date Posted: 09:07:2016 Time Posted: 04:54PM

ian writes:

email Date Posted: 09:07:2016 Time Posted: 04:54PM

seek was deffo my fav i remember when you posted him way back when

Gareth Jones writes:

email Date Posted: 20:05:2009 Time Posted: 11:22AM

looks like an older version of Ang the airbender from avatar when he is older. Or maybe his dad ??

Cameron (Jirayiah's son) writes:

Date Posted: 15:08:2007 Time Posted: 12:14AM

omg its Aang as an adult from Avatar the last Airbender!!!

Some guy writes:

email Date Posted: 23:06:2007 Time Posted: 05:11AM

...Looks like Ang's dad.

D writes:

email Date Posted: 20:11:2006 Time Posted: 10:45PM

Really like this one... That sword could easily cut someone in two!

Bleak writes:

Date Posted: 21:09:2006 Time Posted: 10:09PM

i think its great, good colouring and drawing... i just think it looks like hes sucking his finger... might just be me.

Wildtrickstyle writes:

email Date Posted: 07:07:2006 Time Posted: 12:25AM

Very cool. Originality at its best. Keep up the good work.

E.Z.B writes:

email Date Posted: 01:06:2006 Time Posted: 02:02PM

Wow! its a monkey man in tiger print jim jams
But seriously its really good!

I Like Toons writes:

email Date Posted: 24:05:2006 Time Posted: 03:01PM

Man Ben, This is cool Keep it up!!

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