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warrior girl

Warrior Maiden (G.i.A.m.)

Before I CGed my version of the piece I posted the pencil version up on a few forums offering other artists the change to add some colour to the piece and this was G.i.A.m's cool enterpretation- I like the grey & red them going on and the way Giam's managed to mix a paintery style and cel style together.

G.i.A.m also describes Warrior Maiden Alternative Versions:

Angelos version:
dunno why, but when I first saw her I thought she is some kind of mercenary or thief.
She is fighting for the right thing, but both her reasons and her way of achiving things arent right (and she might enjoy's killing a bit).

Darkreavers version:
somehow, I think in this one she is some sort of hunter or ranger.
She has her heart on the right spot and both her feets on the ground.
She does what is needed, to make sure the things she is reponsible for are save, even if it means to kill (but she doesnt enjoy it).
btw. the coloring sheme reminds me of record of lodos war.

Giams version (oho ).
Well when I colored her I was thinking noble maybe princess, on the search of adventures. She is good hearted and wants to change the kingdom to the better.
Unfortunaly she cant stand blood (so she falls unconcious everytime someone gets hurt in her surrounding).
The clothing while pretty and revealing her position, aint suited for fighting.

Bomus version:
basicly the evil twin sister of my version (propably seperated since birth).
While the good sister had the love and warmth of her parents, she only get punishment and hate.
This turned her into an evil person.
She likes killing, but she prefers to show her victims what real pain is before hand.

-Date completed: July '03. Materials used: Drawn with 2H and HB pencil, CGed with Paintshop Pro 8


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