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warrior girl

Warrior Maiden

It had been ages since I did an illustration which wasn't for anything in particular. I originally sketched out the pose for a commission piece, but the it wasn't what the client had in mind. I went off and developed the piece anyway and it made a change since I'm not a huge Medieval Fantasy fan compared to Sci-fi or more modern design. I had a darker colour scheme in mind when I drew the scene and was happy with the way it came out. I can still point out several technical flaws, which I'll make sure not to repeat on any upcoming works. If anyone else wished to take a stab at colouring the pencil version of this, a high resolution version can be downloaded HERE (1.5MB)
-Date completed: July '03. Materials used: Drawn with 2H and HB pencil, CGed with PhotoShop 6

check out the pencil version
Colours by darkreaver66
check out the alternate colour version
Colours by G.i.A.m.
check out the alternate colour version
Colours by Angelo
check out the alternate colour version


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