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Organic Metal


About Oni... In the Year 2032 crime pays. It's time for the one-woman swat team Konoko to bust a few caps and kick some ruthless crime syndicate butt in the new manga-fest game, Oni.
17 realistic levels designed by real architects
Innovative Full Contact Action combat system
Interpolated animations for fluid movement and responsive controls
Hundreds of unique characters
Compelling anime-inspired plot
In-game cut scenes and 2D anime sequences flesh out the story
Oni will be published by Take 2 Interactive on both PC (January 2001) and PS2 (March 2001).
Oni is destined to set the benchmark for the genre; with authentic architecture, a revolutionary new fighting system and a radical animation system. Wouldn't you like to be a part of it?

Your task... is to draw some Oni based fan art and the best 5 entries will win some great prizes including a copy of the game, Oni t-shirt, Oni mouse mat, Oni pen and an Oni bag! To find out more, check out the rules and submit your artwork.
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