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Organic Metal



  • Do something original. No Tracing or direct copying of someone else's existing work.
  • Anime style doesn't have to be the norm here. Neither does colour matter. Pencil sketches, duo shading, 3D work, sequencials or even animation will be accepted.
  • Send finished images as either jpg or gif files no greater than 150k.
  • Try to keep your image at a reasonable size, and no bigger than around 600 pixels wide. I reserve the right to adjust image pixel size if necessary.
  • Please submit the following before or on the 25th of March: An illustration of Konoko or any of the other in-game characters. A link to your web site (if you happen to manage one) Your e-mail address. Your home address, or you wont have a chance to win any prizes. Any personal comments on the work you provided (Optional). Write what you think may interest the viewer and categorize it under "My Comments", separate these comments from anything else you wish to tell just me.
  • The ending hours of the 25th is the last chance you have to send in your work. No late submissions will be displayed.
  • Untasteful nudity or pornography is not accepted.
  • I reserve the right to reject any image that I feel doesn't fit within the qualifications. It also means I will and gladly reject any submission that does not follow the above rules. This is an official competition, all home addresses given will remain private. Any questions about the prizes to be sent to: Clive Gorman.

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