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Drawn for September's MAG event- she's a sorcerer of holy magic and character from the online manga "Windgate" created by Aurore. I could have done a really cool action piece with her casting some big spell and included her school peer 'Shadow'. But I only had 2 days (left it to the last minute), I suck at drawing complicated stuff most times and I lost my imagination! So the only idea I managed to think up was to draw the girl with large breasts and long, sexy legs! Haha. And since I spent more time concentrating on drawing her a sexy body, I lacked on detail and style as far as the face is concerned- something I find hard since I still don't have a definite style of my own yet, despite what some people may say. This recently seems to be making my drawings look too 'forced' and don't seem to flow as well as if I could just draw one clean, final image from the start - for this, like many other drawing I do, I plan out what I want first very roughly, I might do a few different poses (for this I had 2 other standing poses I wanted to try). Sometimes they look like really, really bad 5 second thumbnails, after that I might go to a larger, final rough, then to the final, using any photo reference if I need it - for example, the right foot, since the shoe was at one of those harder angles. I usually regret rushed pictures, but it's hard not to when I feel the need to get some fanart out no matter what, or just get really impatient or frustrated. Plus it seems exceptionally worse for me since it can take up to a week solid to get one fairly simple, but nice looking pic out. I'd stick to colouring other people's work, if there wasn't always this need to create something of my own- trouble is it either takes me too long or I simply don't have the technical ability to do so!
-Date completed: Sep 15th '01. Materials used: Drawn with 2H pencil and 2B 0.5mm mech pencil. Rendered using PhotoShop 5.5 and Corel Photopaint 9- for lighting filters and such

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