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Here's a little quicky I whipped up for December's MVGC, since JetSet Radio is one of the best DC games I've played. I think it must have taken two- two and a half hours to CG, and about the same time again to pencil which is quick for me.. but then again, it's a fairly simply drawing. Once again I was too lazy to ink one of my pics, but not most people don't notice after I monkey about with the gamma levels in PhotoShop. I had some trouble with the fingers- like I'm sure a lot of people do when drawing people holding spray cans, but I fixed it up best I could and I think it's looking pretty good now. Maybe I'll have the time to draw more JSR fanart in the future ^_^
-Date completed: Dec 19th '01. Materials used: Drawn with 2H pencil, CGed with PhotoShop 5.5


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