Frequently Asked Questions:

Before emailing me to ask me a question, please make sure it's not mentioned here, or I'll simply reply with a url link to this page. Thanks

  • Q: May I use a picture from your web site?
  • A: Sure. As long as you also give me full credit by adding my name and web site address. I'd still like to know if you do use my work. Please contact me if you'd like to use images profit related projects.
  • Q: May I use artwork from your web site for signature tags, web use etc?
  • A: I'm pleased that you liked my work so much as to want to use it. I have no problems with art being used for sigs etc. I don't mind if backgrounds are removed, things animated providing it's done in a professional looking manner that doesn't appear to degrade the quality of my original work. Can you please add the following to each image you create: © Ben Krefta:
    - So If you produce graphics or sig images containing my work, please simply forward me a message to let me know who you are, where your web site is and where my adapted art images can be found. Thanks.
  • Q: May I use one of your line art pictures for CGing?
  • A: Yes you can, once again be sure to give me credit for the line work if you later intend on publishing it on the web. If you'd like higher resolution scans of my art to colour, let me know.
  • Q: The music on your index pages - where is it from?
  • A: It's an edited loop I created from the trance tune "Feel the beat" by Darude. Darude's stuff is definitely worth checking out next time you search for MP3s to download, but the artist himself's a big-headed, arrogant fool according to a friend of mine ;)
  • Q: Send me pictures.
  • A: Sorry, but this is one request/demand that I hate most!.. I've got better things to do than send strangers pictures or anything else. Why do you think I seem to owe you favours? I don't even know you and don't want to know you! Especially after you've stated some stupid request. Pictures of what? Farm animals? If you want pictures, try surfing the net or looking in magazines or something. As far as I know, I haven't mentioned anywhere that I send people pictures on request so it seems silly why people keep asking for them.
  • Q: Why haven't you sent me pictures!!?
  • A: *sigh*
    Q: Please email me.
  • A: I wont, if you dont say why. What do you want me to do, send a blank email? This is as stupid a request as 'send me pictures'.
  • Q: What sites do you visit when you're online?
  • A: These days I only go online to check my emails and a few other bits. My current online presence would revolve around art, anime, video game or comic Message Boards such as: PolyKarbon. And perhaps even mine! There are other boards I visit once in a blue moon on other topics such as Html, Java and CGI etc. Occassionally I like checking out artwork at Deviantart or trying my hand at some oekaki. I also check eBay for bargains as often as I can!
  • Q: Are you the guy that did 'The Art Of Drawing Manga'?
  • A: Yes. For those that don't know, it was a 4 month project to create a 144 page how to draw manga book. It turned out pretty good in the end and has become a success despite many behind the scenes problems. There's 3 versions of the book- a European hard cover, a USA soft cover and an 80 page version which includes a drawing kit.
  • Q: How long have you been drawing?
  • A: Since I was I baby scribbling on the walls at home with a crayon! As far as drawing cartoony/anime stuff goes, I've been doing it on and off in various shapes and forms since I was about 8. I used to copy pictures from my brother's comics or gaming magazines and occasionally made up my own creations, usually in the form of monsters, mutants and robots. I don't draw continuously. I usually put my artwork on hold for anything from two weeks without picking up a pencil - two months! It's all a motivation and inspiration issue. If I always stayed motivated to want to draw and worked constantly, I'd be 10 times better than I am now.
  • Q: How much time do you spend drawing each week?
  • A: It varies all the time, at the best of times I will draw for two hours each day for a whole week. On average (while feeling pretty motivated), I probably do 30 minutes of drawing a day, but sometimes my time's taken CGing using the computer. If I have a job on, I might have to work on it for like 5 hours each day or depending on the deadline. I'm not a big fan of drawing too much in one go, especially if I don't feel in the mood.
  • Q: Do you have any training in art art web design?
  • I have an AGNVQ in art and design and an A level in art, but I'm mostly self taught as far as anime art and web designing goes. I think any training you can get will help, but at the end of the day, a lot of self motivation and hard work is the key to sucess.
  • Q: What did you use to make your web site?
  • A: Mainly a software package called Macromedia Dreamweaver. It creates the html for you, so you don't have to waste time writing it all out manually. It's similar to Microsoft Frontpage, but a lot more expensive. If you're serious about web designing I'd recommend it but it will set you back around $300 US. So you might want to try looking for a second hand copy. If you have Microsoft Windows 98+ you should be able to install Frontpage Express, which is a good program for beginners to get to grips with. My site as a whole isn't just Dreamweaver made. Some of the java script and html was hand written, so Dreamweaver won't be able to do everything you see on my site. The image/graphics I have used (for example the navigation icons in the top left) were made by using a graphics/photo editing package called Adobe PhotoShop.
  • Q: I have Dreamweaver and PhotoShop, but I still can't make a good page, any tips?
  • A: You can have the best and most expensive tools in the world, but they wont magically make you a good web page. The key is creativity and knowledge of 'what looks good' design-wise. Think of a theme, colour combination and ideas to base your site on. Look at lots of different sites, see how they do things and experiment. Use other's sites to help influence the design of your own, but do not directly copy them. I'm thinking of creating a Design FAQ as requested, check the updates to see when I get it up.
  • Q: You don't know me, but... *insert meaningless one-liner here*
  • A: I get this a lot and I don't have time to tell you what colour socks I usually wear or if I play online RPGs etc, so don't ask one-liners! *sigh* And please don't expect me to critique your work if all you've said is "Here's my work, what do you think?" If your work has no relevance to me or Organic Metal, why should I spend my time checking it out?
  • Q: Will you be my best friend?
  • A: Probably not ;) I've already made more than enough web buddies and can't keep up with them, let alone anyone else!
  • Q: Do you want to exchange links with me?
  • A: I don't do link exchanges and I wont pressure people I decide to link, to return the favour with a reciprocal link. Please dont ask, but by all means, e-mail me your site so I can check it out :)
  • Q: I wish to submit some guest art, what are the guide lines?
  • A: Firstly the art must be of a reasonable standard. I won't display quick 2 minute pencil sketches. Secondly Organic Metal's guest art section is not the MVGC, do not send me your game character submissions to be placed in the OM guest art gallery. Lastly, read the guest art info in the Artwork page.
  • Q: Can you give me some drawing tips?
  • A: You'll have to be more specific. But a much better idea for artwork help and tips would be to visit an artwork forum or message board (like mine!)- you can post your work their and get it critiqued by other forum members or ask any art related questions and get them answered by more than just myself. Questions like "how do I draw" and "how do I colour" are really hard to answer in one go without spending hours writing essays, so most art site owners hate that question, including myself! Just practice and experiment. It'll prove a hundred times more useful in the long run.
  • Q: What web host server are you with?
  • A: I'm with a company called Freeola - they are the cheapest I've found. I think it's 20 for 2 years for my domain with unlimited file space plus the advantage of having CGI support and FTP access, plus unlimited custom mail names. The disadvantage is not being able to upload or access you FTP account with your usual ISP - instead Freeola charge you to use theirs (though they don't mention that anywhere on their web site!) That's where they make their money! :(
    Q: I'm currently working on my own project. I was wondering if you'd help out by doing some work for me? (This includes logo design, one off illustrations etc.)
  • A: Firstly give me as much info as you can, so I know exactly what it is you want me to do, secondly give me a reason to want to do it. Nobody ever does something for nothing, so money is usually the best incentive ;) Please visit the Commission Me page for more info.

More FAQs to follow as soon as they're asked!