Zidane November 2002

homepage emailZidane Ver. Z by Lao-Z

Comments: I Cant Color Very Good Or Draw Very Good, But I Finished This In Like A Few Hours.

emailhomepage Regular participant FFIX by Eri Gaudiamo

Comments: Zidane was made using photoshop the background was from the FFIX wallpapers

emailhomepage Regular participant For showing great skill, technical ability no title by Jason Pyke

Comments: I did this with pencil and colored it in Photoshop 6. As I'm still figuring out the best way to color with PS6, some difficulties arose during this one. First off it took me forever just because I have to color with a mouse not a tablet. I heard someone once refer to it like painting with a brick, and it very much is. That aside I'm having a hard time figuring if the colors look right. It all looks really good once I get the base colors down but then I'm not sure how to put in the highlights and shadows.
Sometimes I choose the colors and do it all manually and other times I use the dodge and burn tools. If ANYONE has any tips for Shading and Highlights with Photoshop PLEASE email me and clue me in, cuz I'm getting kinda frustrated. Any other feedback on my picture will be greatly appreciated, and don't be afraid to lemme know where I f***ed up (I know I forgot the bow in the little girls' hair so don't write me about that one).

emailhomepage Zidane & Garnet by David Ball

Comments: ...

emailhomepage Melodies of Life by Marie Lu

Comments: Actually, this is a pretty old picture, which is why the background is so cheap-looking. Focus on the monkey boy, I guess. 9__9

emailhomepage Zidane by Stef

Comments: ok, so i don't remember when i drew this, but it wasn't forever ago or anything... but i noticed that zidane was the char for this month and so i thought i'd take this opportunity to color this pic and submit it since i never color anything really... i am actually pretty proud of how the coloring came out on this. basically i drew this in reference to the scene where the party returns to alexandria and the princess is at the castle and zidane was sulking in the saloon... and i thought it was funny. and cute... thats the girl in me speaking. but yah, enjoy!


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