November 2002

SofiaZidane Tribal, from the ever popular Final Fantasy series - FFIX in particular!

The Story: Final Fantasy IX is an entirely different game. Picture a man going on a journey beyond the reaches of his imagination, now picture he has a prehensile tail. This is the main character of the series, Zidane Tribal. You play as this puckish thief as he encounters danger, creepy monsters, and the occasional girl as he attempts to save the world.

As Zidane you have been hired to kidnap the Princess Garnet til Alexandros. Baku and his band of thieves/actors set up an elaborate scheme to accomplish this. But things go unexpectedly wrong and before you know it the characters have been thrown into a twisted plot of deceit, greed, humanity, death, and love. You must help the nine year old Vivi understand his black magic. You must earn the respect of the princess. You must help Quina to catch her frogs. And you must guide your characters down the path to discover their own secret heritage.

Meet Kuja, the real villian of the story, Garland, the maker of Zidane and Kuja. Why are they more special in the way they were made than the others of their same race, why do they exist? Is there more to why Queen Brahne buys her weapons from Kuja? What about Vivi? Has he got any slight connections and similarity between him and Zidane?

Always interesting to see each individual's unique take on the same character design and very good they were too!

Artist of the month: Jason Pyke !

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