Sol July 2003

homepage emailSol Badguy by Tim Sullivan & Ian Vesper

Comments: This is our first submission. We occasionally draw various comics and whatnot together. Tim sketches the ideas with pen, then Ian inks, shades and colors using colored pencil and water color. This is a quick sketch to start us out, but we should be doing more in the future.

emailhomepage Napalm Death by zero12

Comments: Finally! A character I've been waiting to draw! No colours this time, but once my PC problems are over.....

emailhomepage Regular participant For displaying original or creative content The spoils of war... by Y.M.Esposito

Comments: Yay! Guilty Gear! Great character design, wacky personalities, excellent animation...what's not to love? Needless to say, I was very excited to see that this month's character was from GG. Many a night my bf and I spent in front of the ps2- he plays as Sol, I play as Ky. He usually kicks my arse (except for when I play as Ex gold Ky...MUWHAHAHA!! Bring on the cheese!) Anyway... I think everyone out there who plays this game knows that there's something going on between Ky and Sol that's more than just fighting...come on! It's obvious- just look at what they say during their winning speeches! So, the content and the title kinda reflect that I the only one who thinks this? Hmmm....The pic took me about 3 hours total- drew it, inked it, scanned it, colored it with photoshop7. Special thanks to chris for showing me a neat trick in photoshop...:) and inspiration goes to the original 'midnight run' poster. Comments welcome. Oh yeah, Jam's crying because she has a crush on Ky...but it looks like she was too late...;P

emailhomepage For showing great skill, technical ability Regular participant "Rock you!" by Yorozu

Comments: I submitted picture for MVGC after a long time.

Is it look like him? ^_^ ;) This picture draw by Adobe Photo Shop 5,5. The first thing, I had sketch on computer. Width 800pix X Height 1000pix. I colored with my original brush.

emailhomepage Regular participant Sol Badguy by Sylence

Comments: This is my best submission ever, so you have no choice but to like it. ;-P

emailhomepage Sol Badguy by -=KniveS=-

Comments: I am really disapointed that I didn't get a chance to colour this picture, but i am the world's biggest procrastenator and found that I did not have enough time to complete it when i finally got enough nerve to try. I enjoyed drawing this and look forward to more in the future.

emailhomepage Regular participant Livin ain’t no crime by Erock

Comments: I’ve been working on this pic the whole month, an hour here and there and I figured out Sol’s character design is cooler than I thought. You don’t really know the character until you draw them. Photoshop 7 all the way and by the way GGX Rules! And Erock rocks!

emailhomepage Sol on the Run by Jared J Lee

Comments: This was all done on the computer with photoshop.I would have added some more space, the sword, and a load of CG flames to this picture if Photoshop wasnt taken from my computer. Bummer...

emailhomepage Sol Badguy by YoYo

Comments: I draw this in one hour, Isn't cool ? Enjoy

emailhomepage simply sol by NICK J

Comments: well i had submited one before but me being my stupid self didnt type in the image url so this is my first> to all you artist keep it up you all kick ass and i am envyess

emailhomepage Regular participant American badass by Zack *zee kay* Kotzer

Comments: I think this is the first time Ive almost givin up on a drawing, six times, SIX TIMES YOU HEAR ME that I threw out an hours work cuz it didnt look right. And no, the pose he is in does not reresent that, its just that I love the fact that he does that as his taunt in the game.

emailhomepage Free by Syphonfx

Comments: Not my best coloring job. Not even close.


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